Due to the USFSA's "personal use only" camera policy, I will no longer be selling the photos on this site, although I will continue to give a free copy of each photo I have of a skater to the skater or a members of his or her family. To request free photos, send mail to me at

If you are a skater and you want me to remove your photos from the site, just let me know and I will immediately comply.

Acceptable Use

You may use my photos on your own web site if you observe the following rules.

  1. No editing of the image other than size changes.

  2. Give credit to me in the form of a link to my home page "".

  3. E-mail me the URL of the site the photo is on.

  4. Remove my photo immediately if I request it.

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Last updated: 04/12/01 06:29 PM