Notes From 2007 Nationals - Spokane, Washington
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Molly Aaron
Carolyn-Ann Alba
Caroline Ferris
Victoria Hecht
Ellie Kawamura
DeeDee Leng
Masha Leonov
Ksenia Makarova
Angela Maxwell
Kristine Musademba
Danielle Seitz
Emily Young

Molly Aaron - Photos
"Nights in White Satin" by The Moody Blues
Choreographed by Doug Ladret

Really tough skate.Landed 2 axel. Fell on 3 toe. 2 footed and stepped out of 3 sal, which may well also have been underrotated. He lovely spirals and spins could not save her.

Carolyn-Ann Alba - Photos
Ladies in Lavender soundtrack
Choreographed by Wendy Burge

She did a great job. He combo was hidden in the corner, one of the tech panel had to stand up to see; and they may have done a replay on it. I couldn'e see it either, but I think it was 3 sal-2toe? She did a great job - musical, greast spins. good speed. Spiral a bit slow and her free leg wasn't as extended as it could have been, but that's just nit-picking.

Caroline Ferris - Photos
"Summertime" by George Gershwin
Choreographed by Scott Brown/Susie Wynne Barth

I loved this. Loved this version of Summertime - slow beginning, then got jazzy. Wonderful. Fast and Confident. Nice facial expression. good spins. And landed her jumps too!!

Victoria Hecht - Photos
Waltz from "My Sweet and Tender Beast" by E. Doga
Choreographed by Faye Kitariev

Wonderful positions. Great use of arms. Wonderful speed. The audience was shocked by her placement. I haven't looked at the protocal, but I assume somehting got downgraded/not counted?

Ellie Kawamura - Photos
"Somewhere Over the Rainbow"
Choreographed by Tammy Gambill

Stellar. Wonderful emotion on her face and through her whole body movement. You felt like you were skating it with her. Just transcendant.

DeeDee Leng - Photos
"Chinese Symphony" by Twelve Girls Band
Choreographed by Oleg Epstein

Nice arms and hands. felon her 3 loop. Back change edge Bielman spiral - cool. good spins.

Masha Leonov - Photos
"The Pink Panther"
Choreographed by Andrei Berekhovski/Antonina Berekhovskaia

fell on axel and singled second jump of combo. Spiral sequence was wobbly and she lost hold of her foot in the first catch foot position - so the level for the sequence probably took a hit..

Ksenia Makarova - Photos
"Libertango" by Astor Piazzolla
Choreographed by Larisa Selezneva

I think she put a hand down on the opening loop. turned out of 2 axel, but fought for it. Wonderful spin. Positions, speed and centering great.

Angela Maxwell - Photos
Flamenco from Mr. and Mrs. Smith soundtrack
Choreographed by Olga Ganicheva

Agressive and fast and expressive. Very strong.

Kristine Musademba - Photos
"Walk Like an Egyptian" by The Bangles
Choreographed by Uschi Keszler/Lisa Bell/Nina Stark-Slapnik

Cute music and lovely girl.semed a little cautious/scared. Hit a bit of a diagonal in the change edge spiral.

Danielle Seitz - Photos
Love Story soundtrack
Choreographed by Elena Zaitsev

Love story went al Techno in the second half of the piece.Also seemed scared and a bit cautious. Did combo very close to boards and fell.

Emily Young - Photos
Pearl Harbor soundtrack
Choreographed by Darlene Waters/Susie Wynne Barth

Holds opening position a long time. nice ina bauer into 2 axel. popped sal.

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