Notes From 2007 Nationals - Spokane, Washington
Copyright 2007 Ann Jensen - all rights reserved


Notes to come as the schedule and interenet connection allows, but the ladies, like the Novice Men, had a kind of tough time of it. The "discovery" for me at this event was Deedee leng. Enjoyed her short and free very much. Enjoyed soem others too, but knew many of the top contenders from my area.

Molly Aaron
Carolyn-Ann Alba
Caroline Ferris
Victoria Hecht
Ellie Kawamura
DeeDee Leng
Masha Leonov
Ksenia Makarova
Angela Maxwell
Kristine Musademba
Danielle Seitz
Emily Young

Molly Aaron - Photos
"Samson and Delilah" by Saint-Saens
Choreographed by Doug Ladret

Carolyn-Ann Alba - Photos
Spanish medley including "Espani Cani" and "Malaguena"
Choreographed by Wendy Burge

Caroline Ferris - Photos
"Convergence" by David Arkenstone and David Lanz
Choreographed by Scott Brown/Susie Wynne Barth

Victoria Hecht - Photos
"St. Petersburg" by Kornelyuk
Choreographed by Faye Kitariev

Ellie Kawamura - Photos
Much Ado About Nothing soundtrack and other pieces
Choreographed by Wendy Burge

DeeDee Leng - Photos
"Le Reveil de Flore" by Drigo and "Danza delle Ondine" by Catalani
Choreographed by Oleg Epstein

Masha Leonov - Photos
"Piano Concerto No. 2 in C minor" by Rachmaninoff
Choreographed by Andrei Berekhovski/Antonina Berekhovskaia

Ksenia Makarova - Photos
Chicago soundtrack
Choreographed by Larisa Selezneva

Angela Maxwell - Photos
Children of Dune soundtrack by Brian Tyler
Choreographed by Olga Ganicheva

Kristine Musademba - Photos
Lecuona's "Malaguena" by Raul DiBlasio
Choreographed by Uschi Keszler, Lisa Bell/Nina Stark-Slapnik

Danielle Seitz - Photos
Moulin Rouge soundtrack
Choreographed by Elena Zaitsev

Emily Young - Photos
"Tosca" by Puccini
Choreographed by Darlene Waters/Susie Wynne Barth

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