Notes From 2007 Nationals - Spokane, Washington
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Sherry Barnes
Alexe Gilles
Chrissy Hughes
Kelcie Lee
Chaochih Liu
Mirai Nagasu
Kirsten Olson
Victoria Rackohn
Brittney Rizo
Blake Rosenthal
Michaelee Scarincio
Ashley Wagner
Brittney Westdorp
Caroline Zhang

Sherry Barnes - Photos
"Libertango" by Astor Piazzolla
Choreographed by Andrei Berekhovski, Antonina Berekhovskaia

Nice twizzles in the footwork. good twist on upper body in camel variation. Huge toe jumps. Popped axel.

Alexe Gilles - Photos
"Somewhere" from "West Side Story"
Choreographed by Catarina Lindgren

Great arrangement of music. Maybe Joshua Bell? Great dreaa, beautiful package.; I think she may have rotated tooo long in an upright position after her camel and one (or more) of her spiral positions might have been short as well. Did flip and axel in exactly the same spot.

Chrissy Hughes - Photos
"Hymn to Hope" by Secret Garden
Choreographed by Corrie Martiun

Fast into her flip. change edge spiral was a little diagonal. Has a nice way of holding her head up and a pleasant expression.

Kelcie Lee - Photos
Memoirs of a Geisha soundtrack
Choreographed by Sandra Bezic

Fell on flip. Trouble on donut spin - had to come out early. nice use of arms and hands to music.

Chaochih Liu
"Ascent from the Circle" by Andreas Vollenweider
Choreographed by Tom Dickson

Watched part from the upper aisle - got in late from Novice men. Seemed like a mid-eastern theme. Notice a problem with one jump, but didn't really get to see much.

Mirai Nagasu - Photos
Swing Kids soundtrack
Choreographed by Susan Austin

Dead on,. great skate for her. Fast (little slow down in footwork) and great smile and solid jumping. Definitely deserved her placement.

Kirsten Olson - Photos
"Tosca" by Puccini
Choreographed by Tracy Keefer/Rohene Ward

Nice combo spin to headless scratch. Very big music. May have not held some of the spiral positions for 3 seconds.

Victoria Rackohn - Photos
"Adagio" by Secret Garden
Choreographed by Kris Amerine

Fall on lutz. Does a great job of looking like a ballerina on the ice. Lovely.

Brittney Rizo
"La Cumparsita" (tango)
Choreographed by Jamie Isley/Mark Mitchell

Not sure what happened to the photos here. But she was fun and saucy and had a lovely fushia colored dress.

Blake Rosenthal - Photos
"Close Without Touching" composed by Kostia, from "Spirit of Olympia" by David Arkenstone
Choreographed by Jill Cosgrove/Diane Agle

Pretty arms, nice speed. music a little repetitive. Nice jumps

Michaelee Scarincio - Photos
Waltz from "My Sweet and Tender Beast" by E. Doga
Choreographed by Mark Mitchell

Nice spiral with her leg up to the side while changing edge. Innovative spin - pancake to an upright pancake with her leg up at hip height. Little ...unaggressive or tentative at times.

Ashley Wagner - Photos
The Cotton Club soundtrack
Choreographed by Jill Shipstad-Thomas

Fun program. Spunky skater. Big smile nice layback on her spread eagle. fast and strong.

Brittney Westdorp - Photos
Puccini's "Nessun Dorma" performed by Vanessa Mae
Choreographed by Simone Grigorescu

Caught her toepick while waiting for prior skater's scores and went down on her knee. Ran into boards while doing her catch foot back inside edge spiral and went down hard.

Caroline Zhang - Photos
"Olga" from Ladies in Lavender soundtrack
Choreographed by Cindy Stuart

Tremendous belly flop after landing axel. Ow. Otherwise just wonderful. Great in all the elements and just great all around.

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