Notes From 2007 Nationals - Spokane, Washington
Copyright 2007 Ann Jensen - all rights reserved

Long day at the arena. Jr men FS, Sr Pairs FS. Then a break for dinner at CI Shennanigans with Becky Hughes and her family and Gina, Rob and Stella. Had a great time and made it back for the final flight of the free dance. Tried to get lunch at the Mexican stand in the Arena. Waiting through the hall of fame ceremony (for Charles Schultz - speech made by Scott Hamilton, award accepted by Schultz's widow.. I watched it on the monitor), the ice cut and the 6 minute warm up. I had been the 4th person in line. 4 minutes before the warm up ended I made it to the window. 1 minute before the warm up ended someone came to the window and asked if they could help me. "Not any more - its too late now".

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Last updated: January 27, 2007 9:46 AM