Notes From 2006 Nationals - St. Louis, Missouri
Copyright 2006 Ann Jensen - all rights reserved


Jane Bugaeva
Erica Archambault
Bebe Liang
Alissa Czisny
Michelle Boulos
Kimmie Meissner
Danielle Kahle
Sasha Cohen
Megan Oster
Michelle Kwan
Amber Corwin
Stephanie Rosenthal
Abigail Legg
Amy Evidente
Katy Taylor
Anna Madorsky
Emily Hughes
Megan Williams-Stewart
Christine Zukowski
Stephanie Roth

Just a quick note - I know they showed Bebe on TV - but the coverage ran over - so all of us who are here - skaters and coaches, need someone who was home to catch the whole broadcast to get one of us a copy. Drop me an e-mail if you can help the Totota sports center team out - Thanks to all who made offers - we got it!-. Also - if Stephanie Rosenthal did not make it on TV you have missed the coolest & funnest skate. Wow. I loved the "Robot" program when she was Novice- and it brought the crowd to its feet here. She looked so happy. And I loved Sasha's new costume. Photos will go up later - but the colors are fabulous. For those who know me - yes- I am weeping for Danille Kahle. I can't even explain the hole in my heart I have for the ladybug. I know she has it in her - for her sake I hope she battles her demons and fights back in the free skate. If I thought there was anything in the world I could do that would help I would do it in a heartbeat - but it is her and the ice and all I can do is watch.

Jane Bugaeva - Photos
Waltz from "My Sweet and Tender Beast" - Her spiral sequence was weak. Combo spins nice. Layback travelled a lot.
Erica Archambault - Photos
Don Juan de Marco -
Bebe Liang - Photos
Firedance -
Alissa Czisny - Photos
Jesse Cook-
Michelle Boulos
Once Upon a Time in Mexico (dangerously trendy)
Kimmie Meissner - Photos
Symphonic Dances (Rach)
Danielle Kahle - Photos
Romeo & Juliet (Rota)
Sasha Cohen - Photos
Dark Eyes - Looked slow and cautious - especially in her spins.
Megan Oster - Photos
Nights in White Satin - Problem with flying sit. Nice combo spin.
Michelle Kwan
Withdrawn due to injury
Amber Corwin - Photos
Moon River -
Stephanie Rosenthal - Photos
Rockit -
Abigail Legg - Photos
Angel Eyes -
Amy Evidente - Photos
Malaquena -
Katy Taylor - Photos
Rhapsody in Blue -
Anna Madorsky - Photos
Medley of Israeli Folk Songs
Emily Hughes - Photos
Concerto in F Major for Piano and Orchestra (Gershwin)
Megan Williams-Stewart - Photos
Malaguena -
Christine Zukowski - Photos
Firebird - Her spirals were very weak and her extension could use work.
Stephanie Roth - Photos
Cirque -

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