Notes From 2006 Nationals - St. Louis, Missouri
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Alexander Johnson
Roger Corvasce
Armin Mahbanoozadeh
Zachary DeWulf
Brandon Mroz
Richard Dornbush
William Nottingham
Scott Dyer
Curran Oi
Eliot Halverson
Brian Simm
Craig Norris

Alexander Johnson - Photos
The Royal Tenenbaums. Nice combo spin with change edge camel. Serpentine footwork was fast, but maybe not as complex as some.Nice use of face and hands to express the music.

Roger Corvasce - Photos
Men in Black. Nice circular footwork. Spins just OK. His body did a good job expressing the music, but his face was worried about his jumps.

Armin Mahbanoozadeh - Photos
Beetlejuice. Beautiful soulful opening section. Nice posture. Program could use some more transitions. But great hands and use of music.

Zachary DeWulf - Photos
Time to Say Goodbye. Nice footwork and spins fine. For this slow music I'd like to see more of the body movement coming from his core and involving the whole body, but that is nit-picking at this level. I am sure that would not have mattered a bit if he had a better day for his jumps. He fell twice - landed only the 2 axel.

Brandon Mroz - Photos
Montoona Clipper. Local boy. Nice straight line footwork. Lots of nice positions in spins. Speed in spins a little lite. For me this was not the most interesting program. Not as much of the transitions we have started seeing and he is not the most expressive skater in the group and there wasn't a lot for me to sort of ...grab onto in the program. But he did a nice lutz in combo and the jumps were all solid. So there you go.

Richard Dornbush - Photos
Czardas. Looked a little rough around the edges. I heard a report (ok - that makes it sound real - I heard rink gossip was what I heard) after he skated that he had a high fever due to an illness. Poor thing. Fell on first jump of combo and barely held onto solo jump. Spins looked lacking for him - which still makes them quite competitive. Footwork was solid.

William Nottingham - Photos
Typewriter. Love this program, but he seemed a little more cautious than at Sectionals. Had trouble on landing of first jump of combo and flipped out of landing of solo jump.Looks like he has grown some more as well.

Scott Dyer - Photos
El Cid. Ohhhhhh - I like this skater. He has a lovely back and uses his arms and hands so well. Great sharpness to his positions and movements, and such nice extension. Kudos to coaches Denise Cahill and Bobbe Shire and Chor. Nathan Birch!!!Messy landing on his jump out of steps. Nice big 2 axel. And he is doing Grieg for his long program. I can't wait!!!Gush. etc...Need I add he reminds me of Paul Wylie. Rah - Rah - new member of fan club here.

Curran Oi - Photos
Children of Sanchez. Opening spin was slow, but had a lot of nice positions. Footwork was fast, but maybe a little simpler. He fell on solo jump and might have been a little short on the 3 lutz he did in the combo. I really like his style in general, but I think he was a bit tense - his fists were clenched and his lower arms seemed to get away from him at times. From elbow to shoulder he had it goin' on though.

Eliot Halverson - Photos
Bullfighter Medley. He was one happy bullfighter. What great energy. Extremely expressive skater. Great entrance to a nice closing combo spin. Footwork was a little slow, but fit with the music. Singled the toe after the 3 flip.

Brian Simm - Photos
Pee Wee's Big Top, Cirque du Soleil. Brian's hair is back to the lighter shades rather than the more goth look he had adopted this year. He looked a little nervous at times out there, but he did the circus theme choreography very well, including the entrance bits and some business in the bows. He looked a litle self-conscious at times, but it was actually all very mature looking - particularly in comparison to some of the ....shall we say more generically themed programs in this bunch. Technically he did everything. The footwork is very complex and it may have slowed him down a tad, but I think it was a pretty good balance between difficulty and speed.

Craig Norris - Photos
The Matrix Reloaded. Fell on one jump - I think it was a flip that was going to be his combination. Flying sit was scary - he managed not to fall, but he was all over the place. Trouble on combo spin as well - fell out of a position and had to re-center. Little slow after the fall - the begininng into the axel was very fast.

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