Notes From 2006 Nationals - St. Louis, Missouri
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Alexe Gilles
Rhiana Brammeier
Chrissy Hughes
Laney Diggs
Angela Maxwell
Hilary Ho
Victoria Rackohn
Debbie Knubley
Brittney Rizo
Kelcie Lee
Blake Rosenthal
Michaelee Scarincio

Please note - I only have notes and photos from the Short Programs as, much to everyone's dismay, the free skate is scheduled as the same time as the Jr. Men's Short Program at the other arena. Please insert a rant here about how horrible this is and how it makes my "all-event ticket" not so all-event. And - by the way - in spite of the fact that everything ran REALLY smoothly yesterday and it seems like this will wind up being a really well organized Nationals - I will never be able to give it truly high marks because it failed in the prime directive to let me see all the skating.

Alexe Gilles - Photos
Techno Tango. Fell on a 3 sal, which I presume was the start of her combo. Spiral was just OK. I was not a fan of the music, as I am sure you could tell just by the title, but she did a serviceable job.

Rhiana Brammeier - Photos
On Golden Pond. Wonderful expression and extension. A lot of Biellmann positions in her spirals and spins. Nice back change of edge in the Biellmann in her spiral. Used the music really well.

Chrissy Hughes - Photos
Symphony #3 by Boccherini. Popped her solo jump (3t). Great positions on her spiral, but, except for her very first edge, which was awesome, the rest were a little flat. Combo spins had nice sharp changes of position on the changes in her music. This is a lovely piece of music I don't remember being overused - take note!! Oh - I LOVE the work on this dress - take a look.

Laney Diggs - Photos
Waka Ala Balh. Good speed and chor and a wonderful spiral sequence - very exciting to watch. But this choice of "music" did not thrill me. It is pretty relentless techno with a Middle Eastern overlay. I was tired of it after her first jumping pass.

Angela Maxwell - Photos
Shout, Feel It. Very fun spunky skater with a lot of personality. Fell on both the axel and the solo jump. Nice spins and Spirals. I enjoyed her anyway.

Hilary Ho - Photos
East of Eden. I think this young girl is very charming, Her love for skating just ooozes out of her. She made me smile just to see her happiness. Her free skate is Turandot and her dress seems to be Vera Wangesque. I believe we have a Michelle Fan here. She unfortunately was trying a 2 lutz-2toe combo and she placed it too close to the wall, literally jumped the two toe into the wall, hit it and fell. One of her spins was a little messy too.

Victoria Rackohn - Photos
Samson and Delilah. Lovely skater with wonderful positions and this was a nice aggressive program. I really love the way she uses her whole body for the choreography - shows wonderful control. Great Biellmann positions in spirals and spins and great speed throughout.

Debbie Knubley - Photos
O Mio Babbino Caro (Puccini). Her combination jump was messy - rough landings on both jumps. Stepped out of solo jump and may have put her hand down. Her spiral sequence was weak- both in edge quality and in the positions. Nice spins. Needs a little more extension over all to match her nice soulfulness - she did a good job facially expressing the music.

Brittney Rizo - Photos
Rockin' Gypsies. Her opening section had wonderful choreography and she kept the attitude up throughout. Her layback had nice positions but travelled quite a bit. Her change edge spiral also had great positions and nice speed, but the second edge was pretty flat/diagonal. Strong agressive jumps.

Kelcie Lee - Photos
Music not listed. Soft clasical sounding - maybe from an opera? Great expression throughout. Not as many Biellmann positions as some of the others but good speed and edging on the spirals. Very enjoyable program..

Blake Rosenthal - Photos
Mexican Hat Dance. Very cute and fun program and she was very expressive with it. Looked like she had a lot of fun. Nice edges - I suspect she didn't hold some of her spiral positions long enough to get credit. Spins very nice.

Michaelee Scarincio - Photos
Secret Garden - Lovely complex spiral sequence. Nice choreography and interesting positions. Enjoyable to watch.

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