Notes From 2006 Nationals - St. Louis, Missouri
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William Brewster
Stephen Carriere
Austin Kanallakan
Jonathan Cassar
Peter Lindstrom
Princeton Kwong
Daisuke Murakami
Casey McCraw
Adam Rippon
Jordan Miller
Traighe Rouse
Craig Ratterree
Charlie White
Douglas Razzano
Geoffrey Varner

William Brewster - Photos
Big Bad Voodoo Daddy medley - Ohhh - he is fun to watch. 3 sal - 3 toe (step out). Camel was slooowww. Great swing program with transitions integrated throughout. Spins need work.

Stephen Carriere - Photos
Peter Gunn Mambo - I love the music and the program had some nice touches in the choreography. 2 axel. 2 flip-2toe (the flip was a little wild) lutz was solo jump.

Austin Kanallakan - Photos
Once Upon a Time in Mexico - thought he was gonna run away with it - 3 lutz - 3 flip-3 loop. Then popped the axel. Argh..... Great spins and footwork.

Jonathan Cassar - Photos
Flamenco A Go-Go & Cinecitta - I really enjoy him. The way he moves his head and arms in this program reminds me of Evan's skating. Uses his whole upper body. Great opening camel- long and fast. Ended a little late.

Peter Lindstrom - Photos
Rodeo - um. Took falls that looked like a gymnast falling from the high bar. Upside down lutz and an axel on his shoulder with his head rolled under. I have never seen anything like it.Sure do like Rodeo.

Princeton Kwong
Romeo and Juliet, Art of War, "Vanessa Mae" (sounded like Bond's "Winter" to me) - 3f-2t. 3 lutz. 2 axel. trouble on flying sit. draggd foot and slowed.

Daisuke Murakami - Photos
Korobushka - Nice diagonal footwork pass. popped loop after 3 turning out of the 3 lutz for his combo.

Casey McCraw - Photos
Phantom of the Opera - waxel. had problem with final combo spin.

Adam Rippon - Photos
Just for You - 3 lutz. 3 flip-3 loop. stepped out of 2 axel. I guess they must have downgraded the 3-3- - it looked OK from where I was. Maybe I need a higher table. Uses his arms very well to the music. Nice to watch.

Jordan Miller - Photos
Alegria- 3 lutz 3 flip-2 toe. I didn;tnote it but I assume he did a 2 axel.

Traighe Rouse - Photos
Winter - Fell on flip and lutz. Channelling Yagudin.

Craig Ratterree - Photos
Moonlight Sonata - Has a Russian "flair" to his arm movements.But he does it well. I enjoyed the program. I believe he did a 3 axel -2 toe with a step out of the axel. and a 3 lutz and a 2 axel.

Charlie White - Photos
Greek Fantasy - Um. great footwork. but not such a good night on the jumps

Douglas Razzano - Photos
Kalinka - Not a great night for Douglas either. fell on 3 lutz. thepped out of combo.

Geoffrey Varner - Photos
"Watch Me" from The Skulls; Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon -3 f-3t. 3lutz. 2 axel. powerful and aggressive.

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