Notes From 2006 Nationals - St. Louis, Missouri
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William Brewster
Stephen Carriere
Austin Kanallakan
Jonathan Cassar
Peter Lindstrom
Princeton Kwong
Daisuke Murakami
Casey McCraw
Adam Rippon
Jordan Miller
Traighe Rouse
Craig Ratterree
Charlie White
Douglas Razzano
Geoffrey Varner

The final flight was VERY exciting. I have some great shots of Mark Mitchell's reaction to his skater's (Carriere) great skate. Very promising group of Jr. Men.Poor Austin had a real problem - very rough skate for him. Too bad - I hope he fights back next season. I really enjoyed severel of the men - William Brewster has great personality on the ice. Daisuke's West Side story was brilliant and he skated it very well - quite enjoyable. Jonathan Cassar is a beautiful skater with amazing moves. Check out my photos of his spread eagle . Swoon. Several of the others were also very expressive and had great lines. You can usually tell who "moved" me by how many phtoos there are!!Another very enjoyable event over all. I am not listing the jump details, as I am sure the protocols will go up on the USFS site eventually.

William Brewster - Photos
Procession of the Sardar - He seemed slow tpo me in this program. Especially in the footwork run (which I have a note that he fell on).
Stephen Carriere - Photos
Once Upon a Time in Mexico - Great tight straight rotation position on all his jumps. Dead on. Hamnds/arms a bit odd in regular sjating, pul pulls in absolutely textbook on the jumps. Impressive.
Austin Kanallakan - Photos
Modern Arrangement of Music by J.S. Bach - Disaster. Just a disaster. Poor guy. just couldn't get the rotations going. put hand down on first triple and the popped everythign down to a double. Did a double axel but stepped out of it.
Jonathan Cassar - Photos
Alexander Soundtrack - Love him some more. Great spread eagle and cantilever. Big swoopy edgy skater. Lovely.
Peter Lindstrom - Photos
Braveheart - Did a dramtic skid up to the judges and then kept on going through it and almost down. Popped an axel in an odd twisted sort fo way. Foot work and some of inbetweens seemed sort of I guess.
Princeton Kwong - Photos
Lord of The Dance - His presentation and connection to the audience could use some work. The transitions and footworked seemed a little "lite" in comparison to what soem fo the other boys were doing.Lights went low and came back on during his program,
Daisuke Murakami - Photos
West Side Story - Got the buildings energy WAY up with this great presentation of West Side Story. Really came on stong. Great program for him.
Casey McCraw - Photos
Of Gods and Generals from the Gettysburg Soundtrack (that's what the program says)- Looked popped by the footwork pass. Lights went low and came back on during his program.
Adam Rippon - Photos
Croation Rhapsody/Through the Mirror/Wonderland -Looked worried throughout and exhausted by the end. Was trying sooo hard. fell out of final spin.
Jordan Miller - Photos
Green Tomatoes/One More Night - Lovely interpretation of a nice jazzy piece.
Traighe Rouse - Photos
Nice use of upper body with music, but while he was able to sustain that "tension" through pretty much the whole short, it came and went in the free.
Craig Ratterree - Photos
Flamenco - Slammed together with Carriere in warm-up. No notes on his program for me. Not sure why.
Charlie White - Photos
Lord of the Rings - Jumps just not really here for him. Nice blade control on the ice, but he was working so hard on the set up to try ot get the jumps that the program wasn't as complex as I think he is capable of.
Douglas Razzano - Photos
Dr. Zhivago - He looked a little out of control in this program. Like he was muscling a lot of things; and his shoulders were riding high too. Tense perhaps, as he does not usually skate that way.
Geoffrey Varner - Photos
1492/The Last Samurai - I think this music did not help him at all. Makes him look lacking in energy. Just sort of blah.

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