Notes From 2006 Nationals - St. Louis, Missouri
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Juliana Cannarozzo
Melissa Bulanhagui
Rachel Flatt
Jessica Houston
Katrina Hacker
Becky Hughes
Molly Oberstar
Megan Hyatt
Tenile Victorsen
Caroline Miller
Caroline Zhang
Ashley Wagner

No time for much detail on the field, but this isn't my favorite event - so I probably don't have much to say. Lot more slow "la-la" pieces this year. The girl who won the short program did her elements well and had complex spins, but I thought her basic skating is still at a Novice level. I loved her Summertime program last year - I didn't think her program this year did as much for her. Other than the girl I know in the event - Becky Hughes - the only other girl I remember without notes was Bulanhagui. Had an AWESOME program - and she skates with such attack and such a "game face". Very cool martial arts program. I loved her style and attack very much. Can't wait to see more from her. Oh - and Caroline Zhang has world class spins and spirals and "soul" and musicality. Little jumps still, but she is very little.... Katrina Hacker and Tenile Victorsen did good jobs with their programs - soft "la-la" ones, like Zhang.

Juliana Cannarozzo - Photos
Harem - Spiral didn't "use up" the whole rink and the positions we not as strong as many others. Spins were nice.

Melissa Bulanhagui - Photos
House of Flying Daggers - Great program. Agressive, wonderful choreography - great attack from her and good facial expressions too. Riveting.

Rachel Flatt - Photos
Nessun Dorma - Slow (which the music helps make look ok). Her shoulders are pretty rounded and her extension is not up to the rest of this class. She really looks a little Novice still in comparison to some of the more "seasoned" Juniors.

Jessica Houston - Photos
Passionata - One combo spin was messy. Spiral ok, but extension not as strong as many in this field.

Katrina Hacker - Photos
Illumination - Secret Garden - Pretty Spiral, Nice spins and good speed. Nice pleasant smile and good eye contact.

Becky Hughes - Photos
Crazy For You Overture - Picked up speed and attack 1/2 way through the program. Was a little cautious in beginning. Great perky program stood out from most of the softer lyrical pieces the girls had choosen.

Molly Oberstar - Photos
Gabriel's Oboe (from The Mission) - Great split positions and extension. Great spiral and spins. Lovely use of arms.

Megan Hyatt - Photos
Canvas - Not as strong in the presentation as in the jumps. Nice big jumps.. Footwork was a little weak.

Tenile Victorsen - Photos
Korean Elegy - Lovely skater. Change edge spiral went on flat in second edge.

Caroline Miller - Photos
Solo Cello Suite (Bach) - Footwork was not as difficult as many of the others. Change edge spiral went to flat. Middle of the pack in speed. Fell on flying sit.

Caroline Zhang - Photos
O Mio Babbino Caro - Amazing Spirals and spin positions. Presentation WAY beyond her years. Footwork was maybe a bit lite.

Ashley Wagner - Photos
Henry V - Footwork a little dicy. Speed came and went. Biellmanned a couple of the spins.

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