Photos From 2006 Nationals - St. Louis, Missouri
Copyright 2006 Ann Jensen - all rights reserved

Sorry - Busy day - I got the photos up, but had trouble getting time to put in notes. The judges are set up at the boards and the "technical panel" is on a raised platform above them. How symbolic. The Family Arena is the coldest place I have ever been ever. I could not get warm there. There were a couple of "rescores" in the novice events and Jr. Mens Sp- one had to do with a repeated element and one with a spin - but I don't have any more detial on that.They seem to be announcing changes while I am on a restroom break - I keep coming back and being told there was another announcement.Room service is up to an hour wait. and the skating goes on......

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Last updated: January 10, 2006 1:34 PM