Notes From 2005 Nationals - Portland, Oregon
Copyright 2005 Ann Jensen - all rights reserved

Found the grocery store and got milk and fruit and such. Met up with Leah Adams and walked around town a little. Found a great place for breakfast - amazing coffee and yummy food. Called "Island Joe's". Going back again if possible. Went by MAX to arena. Not bad for public transportation. The areas around some of the stations are scarey and have homeless people, but the trains themselves are nice and run really often. Rose Garden is temporary ice and they had to jury-rig the seating - so the first row is like being in row 8. The Novice events were very well attended - the half arena they had open was FULL. You's think they'd have opened the other half - but nooooo. They had food and beverages available in the venue. That was very cool. They are posting results and giving away start orders. All in all - so far so good. No major complaints - usually I am already as cranky as heck by now. Ate an amazing Thai dinner at Typhoon last night. We want to go back there too. But now I smell like something you would hang in your window to ward off vampires.

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Last updated: January 10, 2005 6:13 AM