Photography by Ann Jensen

Notes From 2002 Nationals - Los Angeles, California
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Katie Boxwell & William Sears
BreAnn Brown & Keith Munden
Sheila Harkaway & Brandon Larcom
Amanda Harris & David Sanders Jr.
Veronica Hill & Gregory Benton
Shantel Jordan & Jeremy Barrett
Tatiana Klunchoo & Manny Gardner
Mariel Miller & David Aretz
Colleen Okolski & Benjamin Okolski
Lindsey Seitz & Andy Seitz Photos
Samantha Skavdahl & Cole Davis
Brittany Vise & Nicholas Kole
Jenna Yount & Grant Marron

Katie Boxwell & William Sears

SP: 1st

Everyone is doing side by side double loops. This pair is very fast, very strong. All of their elements were very clean. Their straight line footwork was particularly remarkable.

FS: 2 Final:1

A really very bad fall on the twist at the beginning of the program. He caught he and fell forward with her under him. The did the rest of the program clean. I lost track of their jump sequence, but I think it was a split jump-1/2 loop-2 sal-2 toe. Throw 2 loop. And side by side double jumps that I have marked halfway between flip and lutz. There was certainly a second throw jump - most couples did a sal or axel. Their side by side spins were very on. Once I got over MY panic from the fall it was a very nice program to watch.

BreAnn Brown & Keith Munden

SP: 13th

He fell on the side by side jumps. The twist was short of rotation. Their side by side spins weren't in sync. The lift was rough and slow. She was wearing a brace on her left arm. The death spiral was OK.

FS: 11 Final:11

Side by side jumps: 2 flip-2 toe. 2 lutz. Throw 2 loop. Throw 2 sal (I think this popped to a single). Nice descent into the death spiral. Side by side spins were pretty well on. The twist was fine. They skated slowly and he was scrapey in the lifts.

Sheila Harkaway & Brandon Larcom

SP: 4th

Strong high twist. Solid side by side jumps. The lift went up well, and he rotated quickly under her. This was a very good skate.

FS: 1 Final:2

2 flip. Throw 2 loop. Throw sal. Nice footwork. Great stag lift. Little form break on entrance to the death spiral. Side by side spins were off. They did a jump combo which I have as a 2 loop-2 toe. He put his hand down after the toe. In spite of the errors, the team has a nice "jelled" look to them.

Amanda Harris & David Sanders Jr.

SP: 5th

The twist was fine, as was the lift and the side by side jumps. She fell slightly before the side by side spin. As a result, that spin never really had a chance. Their death spiral was OK.

FS: 4 Final: 4

Very fast and powerful. Great twist right into a star lift with a flip out exit. 2 lutz-2 toe. 2 flip. They did a throw 2 sal and 2 loop. She fell on one of them, but my notes are hazy. Great synch on the side by side spins.

Veronica Hill & Gregory Benton

SP: 7th

The twist and footwork were fine. The death spiral was very short. They seemed to skate a little slowly and ... deliberately.

FS: 10 Final 10

Great synch on the side by side spins. Nice 1 handed lift. Good twist. 2 lutz-2toe (she fell) 2 flip (fall) throw 2 loop. Throw 2 sal (2 foot). Something went wrong here. She fell on one of the early jumps and looked completely terrified/injured/??? for the rest of the skate. I felt very bad for her. My husband said "she looked just petrified". That sums it up. I personally don't know how any of these kids do it. I get nervous when there are too many coaches around, much less a whole arena. Hope she feels better soon.

Shantel Jordan & Jeremy Barrett

SP: 10th

Gorilla and flea pair. Technically, they did all of the elements extremely well, including a big fancy flip-out of the lift and a tremendously high twist.

FS: 8 Final: 9

Great twist. OK platter lift. A lift thing I am not sure what to call. He kind of popped her up and swung one leg over his head. Sort of showy - I think I have only seen Braussear & Eisler do this move before. The did side by side 2 axel-2 toe. The set up was very slow - she particularly telegraphed the heck out of this one. And she stepped out of the axel. But she was clearly pleased to have stood it up and had a very sweet smile for the rest of the program. 2 lutz. 2 flip. Throw sal.

Tatiana Klunchoo & Manny Gardner

SP: 6th

In the warmup, they had a dreadful fall at the end of the twist. He fell on her right knee, and they slid into the wall. The program went off pretty well. The only minor difficulty was a little bit of scrapiness in the death spiral.

FS: 9 Final: 8

2 twist was fine. Nice star lift. Good platter lift. Really nice long death spiral. Throw 2 sal. Throw 2 loop. 2 flip-2 toe-2toe. End fo side by sid spin got off a bit. This is a very nice looking pair. Well matched in size - both are very expressive. A very pleasing program to watch.

Mariel Miller & David Aretz

SP: 12th

The side by side spins went out of sync at the end. The death spiral just didn't happen -- she kind of caught her toe -- and the pairs spin didn't quite get pulled together.

FS: 13 Final:13

Lovely blue & white costumes.Nice touches in the program (coach and chor. is Lance Travis). Throw axel. 2 flip-2 toe. He stepped out of 2 loop. Throw sal. Fine death spiral.

Colleen Okolski & Benjamin Okolski

SP: 3rd

She was high and practically parallel to the ice in the twist. They actually held the death spiral long enough for it to be appreciated. Did a great combo spin to open. Solid double loops.

FS: 5 Final:5

Twist was amazing again. Fell on throw 2 axel. It was huge, but she landed way back on her heel. 2 lutz-2 toe. throw 2 loop was 2 footed badly. She fell on the 2 flip. There was trouble on the side by side spins.

Lindsey Seitz & Andy Seitz

SP: 9th

His loop jump was rough. Rest of the elements were about average. Very spunky and fast.

FS: 7 Final:7

Coaches are Elena and Mark Cockerell. I took a shine to this pair. They are a sort of "no-nonsense" athletes. They are doing fine at presentation in the sense of line and positions and so forth. And their music has been well choosen to fit their style. They had great costumes in both programs. They are just a really well put together team. They gave me a confident feeling and their elements all had stong basic technique. Also, since they are brother and sister, maybe I can afford to like them - they may still be together next week. Nice one handed lift with a gentle set down. 2 lutz. 2 flip-2 toe executed very close to each other. 2 footed a throw 2 loop. Fine throw 2 sal. Great unison on side by side spins.

Samantha Skavdahl & Cole Davis

SP: 8th

Nice side by side flying camels to start. Lift was fast. She stumbled a little in the footwork. She had taken a fall in that same section in the warmup.

FS: 6 Final:6

Fine 2 twist. Press lift was slo and "tight" feeling. Platter was better. 2 lutz. 2 flip-2toe. throw 2 loop. throw 2 sal. The death spiral was very nice, but she "bounced" off her edge a little during it.

Brittany Vise & Nicholas Kole

SP: 2nd

Strong, fast lift. Rest of the elements solid. I would have had the Okolski's in 2nd based on their twist, but this pair may have had more speed.

FS:3 Final:3

The star lift came down early and sloppy. She 2 footed and then fell on the side by side 2 axels. Throw 2 axel was fine.2 lutz. throw 2 loop. Side by side spins wer in unison. The death spiral had trouble, but they saved it.


Jenna Yount & Grant Marron

SP: 11th

Lift was a little slow. They seemed a little less polished, but nothing went horribly wrong.

FS: 12 Final:12

Hey - is this Tatum Yount's sister? Must be, huh? Lift was slow. Twist was fine. 2 flip-2 toe. Throw 2 loop. Throw 2 sal. He fell on 2 loop. 2 toe? This pair has a nice look together, but they aren't quite soup yet.

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