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Notes From 2002 Nationals - Los Angeles, California
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Erica Archambault
Jillian Asby
Julian Burns
Lisa Dannemiller
Katherine Hadford Photos
Alicia Heelan
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Ashley Lovasik
Natalie Mecher
Anna Peng
Sandra Rucker
Erica Washington
Lindsey Wilson
Sarah Henry

Erica Archambault

SP: 5th

Double axel. Fall on triple sal. Very fast 3 turns into a double loop. Nice layback.

FS: 10 Final: 10

A very big, nice double axel. 2 lutz-2 toe-2 loop. 2 loop. Fell twice trying the 3 sal. Also fell twice trying the 3 toe. She was landing her salchows too far forward -- her toe loops look like she just sat them down. She did a very nice Ina Bauer, but didn't hold it very long. The program was a very cute ballet themed one.

Jillian Asby

SP: 7th

Triple toe-double toe. Footwork into double loop. Very big double axel, with a squirrely landing. Spiral sequence was just ok.

FS: 8 Final: 7

Very hesitant. 2 axel. 2 lutz-2 loop. 3 sal with a very rough entrance. A 2 toe (she was trying for 3). A 1.5 axel-2 toe combo.

Julian Burns


Lisa Dannemiller

SP: 2nd

Triple toe-double toe. Double axel. Double loop had a little wrap. Better than average spins. Fine spiral. Nice, clean choreography.

FS: 4 Final: 3

2 axel with an entrance that looked like a sal. 2 lutz. 2 loop. 3 sal. A 2 toe-2 toe that I assume was to have been a 3-2. 2 axel-2 toe. 3 toe.

Katherine Hadford

SP: 9th

She was just very lovely. A very floaty, gentle skater with spins so nice she could be Swiss. She fell on her triple sal, did a double axel, did a double loop with both hands over her head. This was the most enjoyable ladies program of the day.

FS: 2 Final: 4

How cool is this? I thought she had such a pretty short program, but technically she couldn't get the marks. So look at her pull herself up to a medal. I will readily admit that she telegraphs her harder jumps quite severely. But, that having been said, this was, just once again, the most enjoyable program of the afternoon. She did a Charlotte into a little leapy thing, a spread eagle into a 2 lutz, a nice Ina Bauer, a bunch of amazing spins. 2 axel. 2 lutz. 3 toe-2 toe. 3 sal-2 toe-2 loop. 2 axel-2 toe. Fell on a 3 sal.

Alicia Heelan

SP: 11th

Double axel. Double loop. Fell on the triple sal. Really nice spiral. Very well presented program to symphonic Beatles music.

FS: 7 Final: 9

This was a very enjoyable program. Lovely music ("The Muse" soundtrack) and really pretty choreography (the program says by Catarina Lindgren). Fell on her first 2 axel. Did a 2 flip-2 toe-2 loop. A sal, which I thought was just a double. A solo double loop. Barely landed a 2 axel. 2 lutz-2 toe-2 toe. On her axel entrance, she pulls her free leg up very severely, skids the back edge quite a bit, but does manage to squeak out the jump.

Danielle Kahle

SP: 1st

Triple toe-double toe. Double loop. Double axel. Great combo spin. Stumbled a bit stepping out of her layback, but this was a very perky and energetic skate.

FS: 1 Final: 1

Wow. If this little asteroid doesn't burn herself out, she's going to take over the skating universe. There's an article in the local paper where her coach compares her to Tara Lipinski. In the short program, she wore a yellow dress that looked almost exactly like Tara's "Walking on sunshine" dress. She's perky. She's a jumping bean. She's 12. We are doomed :)). 2 axel. 2 flip-2 loop. 2 axel-2 toe. 3 toe-2 toe. 3 sal-2 toe. 3 toe. 2 axel.

Ashley Lovasik

SP: 10th

Triple sal-double toe (looked like she took off on two feet). Double loop. Skidded into a double axel. I liked this program. I believe Dick Button would describe it as having "nothing extraneous" or "put on" about it. Expressed the music without a lot of flapping about and obviousness.

FS: 6 Final: 6

Great flowing edges. Smooth and fast. 2 axel, steps into a 2 toe. Popped the lutz. 2 axel. 2 loop. 3 sal-2 toe. 2.5 toe two-footed. Has a beautiful spiral.

Natalie Mecher

SP: 3rd

Triple sal-double toe. Double loop. Double axel. Fine.

FS: 3 Final: 2

This girl holds the longest back edge on a deep curve into a salchow I have ever seen in my life. In addition, in all of her entrances to her jumps, she holds her arms almost like they were forming a circle. 2 axel. 2 flip. 3 sal-2 toe. 2 lutz-2 loop. 2 axel. 3 sal.

Anna Peng

SP: 4th

Double axel. Pegged a triple toe. Did a double toe that went straight up and down. Footwork into the double loop and the spiral sequence weren't at teh top of this field. The sit spin was certainly the fastest, and probably the best of the event.

FS: 5 Final: 5

Has a great start -- a little hop into an illusion spin. She stepped out of both of her 2 axel attempts -- her free leg was very wide. 2 loop. Fell on a 3 sal -- landed with her legs wrapped, and sat down cross-legged on the ice. 3 toe -- stepped out of it into a 2 toe. Very nice spiral, Ina Bauer, and spins.

Sandra Rucker

SP: 12th

Double axel. Double loop. Fell on triple sal, went right into the spiral sequence -- had trouble with the Beilmann extension and almost fell. Did a good job of pushing through to the end of the program, but the damage was done.

FS: 11 Final: 12

2 axel. 2 lutz. 2 flip. 3 loop -- pegged the landing but, with some effort, managed to get a 2 toe tacked onto the end. 2 axel-2 toe.

Erica Washington

SP: 8th

Triple sal-double toe. Double axel -- skidded on the landing. The music was called "Fire and Ice". I suspect it is part of the unending cycle of "Cirque du Soleil" music. It had some vaguely middle eastern moments in it. The program as a whole did nothing for me, though I actually think Erica is a fine skater. Maybe I was just becoming dehydrated.

FS: 12 Final: 11

Nice solid 2 lutz-2 toe. Fell on one 2 axel. Was short of rotation and stepped out of another. 2 flip. 2 loop. Fell on the 3 sal -- it was underrotated and landed cross-foot. Fell on the 3 toe -- looked pre-rotated, and she landed with crossed feet. Very nice layback spin.

Lindsey Wilson

SP: 6th

Double axel. Triple toe-double toe. Double loop. This program had a lot of nice little touches, and Lindsey has a very nice smile. The music was selections from "Sense and Sensibility".

FS: 9 Final: 8

My notes say she did four 2 axels, but fell on one of them. Did a 'tano double lutz. 2 flip. 2 loop. 3 sal-2 toe. Fell on both attempts at 3 toe. Camel spin was slow.

Sarah Henry

SP: 13th

Stepped out of the triple sal-double toe. Double axel. Double loop. Weak spiral. Bounced out of the tango stop at the end of her program.

FS: 13 Final: 13

Sarah has pretty arms, and nice posture when she's setting up her jumps and spins. Fell on 2 axel. Did a 1 axel, some steps, and a 1.5 toe. 2 lutz-1.5 toe. 3 sal-2 toe. Popped a double loop, then did a 2 toe on the end.

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