Photography by Ann Jensen

Notes From 2002 Nationals - Los Angeles, California
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Christie Baca & Scott Smith
Janice Mayne & Josh Martin Photos
Jacqueline Matson & Johnnie Bevan Photos
Emma Phibbs & Devin Patrick
Tiffany Vise & Laureano Ibarra
Amy Howerton & Steven Pottenger
Brittany Karlon & Scott Corbin
Colette Appel & Lee Harris
Jacqueline Jimenez & Themistocles Leftheris
Amanda Evora & Michael Adler
Briana McInerney & Joseph Jorgens
Alexis Hoffstadter & Lucas Vriner

Christie Baca & Scott Smith


Both of them fell on the side by side 2 axel. Throw 2 toe was fine. Pair spin travelled. Lift was a little slow and he scraped a bit.

Free: 4 Final: 4

2 axel. He stumbled well after the landing of these. 2 axel - 2 toe. throw sal. throw toe. He fell on side by side flips.

Janice Mayne & Josh Martin

SP: 6

Side by side 2 axel. She landed low and maybe 2 footed.Pairs spin travelled and lost speed. Out of unison on side by side spins. Throw 2 toe was fine. 2 twist was very good. Lift was fine.

Free: 2 Final: 2

Huge twist. She fell on 2 axels. Throw loop and throw sal fine. side by side 2 toe-2 toe. Big fast lifts. Great program.

Jacqueline Matson & Johnnie Bevan


She stepped out of 2 axels. Throw 2 toe was fine. Pair spin nice. Side by side spin stayed together. 2 twist collided but set down safely. They skated more tentatively that the "top" teams - especially into the throw. A very soft and lyrical program to some of the non-clog-dance sections of Riverdance.We thought their costumes were really pretty - sort of an ice blue color. But Wade questioned if people so fair should wear fair colors. When they were at Sectionals, I remember not shooting much of their short cuz they disappeared into the background. But the color worked a lot better here cuz they have dark blue cloth up around the back of the rink.

Free: 11 Final: 11

2 twist. Throw 2 axel. side by side 2 sal - she popped. Throw 2 toe. Side by side 2 toes. 2 axel ?- 2 toes. He caught his toe suring a spral move. Lift got off at the end

Emma Phibbs & Devin Patrick

SP: 7

Big fast 2 twist. Nice fast lift. He singled the 2 axel. She was short of rotation and stepped out of it.CORRECTION: I have been informed by a very reliable source that I am wrong about this - Miss Phibbs landed the axel with no errors. She opened up on the throw 2 toe, 2 footed it and didn't get all the rotation. Unison was off and on in the side by side spins and they had a bobble on the exit. Addendum: My friend informs me that I often sound "abrupt" in my write up of these events - Just to clarify - When I am at the competition my goal is to note the elements that might explain a placement to the folks who couldn't be here. I don't usually have time for much else. The notes I type in after I get home usually go on longer since I have more time available. This has the unfortunate effect of my notes often being a laundry list of errors made in a program. No harm intended. Believe me, if I didn't LOVE skating and admire the people who do it so well I wouldn't do any of this.

Free: 7 Final:7

The twist was high, but he caught her when she was beside him. He skated on one foot in the lift. - I woudl think that should be worth big bonus points. Side by side 2 axels and 2 flips?. throw 2 sal. Throw 3 toe (I think she may have 2 footed this, but not seriously). They did a jump sequence that I have as 1 axel - 2 toe, then I noted that he fell. . Had some trouble on the death spiral and the synch got off at the end of the side by side spins.

Tiffany Vise & Laureano Ibarra


Mirror Pair. Good 2 twist. Strong lift. She stepped out of the 2 axels. The throw toe worked, but she skidded on her toe. The combo spin went a little off towards the end.

Free: 3 Final: 3

Big twist. Nice hip lift. fell on throw loop. Throw 3 sal. Both put their hand down on side by side jumps - I believe they were 3 toes. And he may have fallen. He put his hand down on the 2 loop in the 2 loop-2 toe sequence.

Amy Howerton & Steven Pottenger


Lift was very fast and smooth, but not as much "going on" as some of the others. 2 axels were dead on as was the throw 2 toe. All else very clean.

Free: 5 Final: 5

Star Lift came down early. fell on throw axel. and Throw sal. 2 lutz-2 toe. My notes say they did 2 sets of side by side toe loops. Good spins.

Brittany Karlon & Scott Corbin


In the warm up they had a false start with the lift - She picked and then it just didn't go up. Unfortunately the same thing happened in the program. He singled the axel and she fell after landing it. He was standing beside her when he caught he in the 2 twist. Pair spin slow. No unison in the side by side spins. She almost fell on footwork.

Free: 12 Final:12

The front press lift didn't quite make it up and set down rough. Platter and back press also went up real slow. His rotation was rough under her. Side by side axels ok. She fell on throw axel. he stepped out of 2 toe-2 toe sequence. Throw loop? Side by side spins got off.

Colette Appel & Lee Harris


2 twist very very nice. Nice lft with good speed. side by side 2 loops. The throw 2 toe barely left the ice - skimmed. Pair spin a tad slow. All else clean.

Free: 1 Final:1

Throw 2 axel. Throw 2 loop. Sode by side 2 loops. A jump sequence that I couldn't ID - maybe 2 sal - 1.2 loop - 2 toe? Cool Spiral where she is upside down to him.

Jacqueline Jimenez & Themistocles Leftheris


Star lift to 1 hand flip out.She fell out of 2 axels. Throw 2 was fine. Unison was off on spin. She didn't have great form in the death spiral.

Free: 6 Final: 6

2 twist collided. Side by side 2 axels - looked like she never jumped at all. Throw 2 loop. 2 footed teh throw 3 sal. side by side 2 toes.

Amanda Evora & Michael Adler

SP: 8

Lift a little slow. She bobbled footwork. He stepped out of axels. Pair spin slow at end.Twist fine.

Free: 9 Final: 8

He fell and she stepped out of side by side axels. She stepped out of throw sal. He put his hand down on side by side sals. 2 flip-2 toe. Good close side by side camels.

Briana McInerney & Joseph Jorgens


Lift had flip out. twist collided and was underrotated. 2 loops?Bad disruptive fall on the throw. Good unison on the spin.

Free: 8 Final: 9

Great lift with flip out. 2 lutz-2 toe. 2 loop. fell on throw sal. and hand down on throw toe. I think my notes are trying to also say that she fell on the side by side toes.

Alexis Hoffstadter & Lucas Vriner


Good lift to one hand. She did a "Tano" twist. He stepped out of side by side loops abd may have popped. Pair spin stalled on change of foot. They ended late. Bad form in Death Spiral.

Free: 10 Final: 10

Fell after hitting boards in warm up. 1 twist with 'Tano arm. Good fast star lift. side by side 2 flip? she step out. throw 2 loop. Throw 2 toe.. Last lift a struggle.

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