Photos From 2002 Vacation - San Jose, California
Copyright 2002 Ann Jensen - all rights reserved


After a long summer helping out with the HealthSouth Training Center's Summer Skating Camp, I was ready for a nice break. So, off we went up North to visit our friends, Richard & Antoinette & their son Marshall, who happens to be just about ready to have his 3rd Birthday. We meant to drive up the coast & spend a day or two in hotels by the sea, but it was summer & we did not plan ahead, so we drove the long way up Hwy 1 & 101 in one night & arrived at like 3:30 AM. I do not recommend this as a relaxing way to begin your summer vacation.

We checked into a cheesy Ramada Limited that was cheap & had high speed internet access (love this century). We ate & watched skating videos & ate & watched bad science fiction movies & ate & I skated a little just to keep from panicking (didn't work too well, so I bought some port). And did I mention we ate? Anyway - it was relaxing & completely non-productive - unlike my usual vacation of masochists which involves going non-stop from dawn til dusk. So, here are the photos of my friend's wonder baby Marshall - Excuse me, wonder toddler. And some photos of their new kitty Alice too.

Marshall & Daniel read a book Alice ponders the camera strap Marshall helps Daniel build a track
Marshall blows bubbles Marshall & Antoinette Alice as a stereotype
Benjamin, Skyler & Marshall Bubbling Daniel & Richard assemble the wagon Momma made the cake
Marshall and his cake & hat Now we have had sugar & will play Hammer, Baby & Car
Alice eats my shoe

Skyler & Marshall - can this marriage be saved?

Richard & Daniel continue the assembly

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