Notes From 2006 Nationals - St. Louis, Missouri
Copyright 2006 Ann Jensen - all rights reserved


Ryan Jahnke
Tim Goebel
Ryan Bradley
Scott Smith
Dennis Phan
Derrick Delmore
Tommy Steenberg
Shaun Rogers
Nicholas LaRoche
Johnny Weir
Michael Villarreal
Evan Lysacek
Jordan Wilson
Rohene Ward
Parker Pennington
Michael Weiss
Matt Savoie

Just as an aside - I attended one Sr. Men's practice. When Rohene Did his ending split position Tim looked at him and winced and laughed and then clapped. Thought that was a pretty accurate impresion of what we all think when he does that. Ouch and wow.

Ryan Jahnke - Photos
Irresistible Mambo - Landing of flip looked bad to me. and he fall on the axel. Nice progrsam, but I like his free WAY better.
Tim Goebel - Photos
Swing Kids -
Ryan Bradley - Photos
Zorba - Very entertaining program and with strong jumps. I have to assume something was downgraded or his levels on things were very low.
Scott Smith - Photos
Freedom - Hand down and step out of axel. 4 sal looked 2 footed and maybe cheated.
Dennis Phan - Photos
Mishima - Fall on axel. trouble on flying camel/combo spin. For me this was a very dull progam and dull music.
Derrick Delmore - Photos
Czardas - Fall on 3 axel.
Tommy Steenberg - Photos
Fantasy for Violin and Orchestra - Felt bad for hin sandwiched in this flight. Skiddy landing on 2 axel. and fall on 3 lutz.
Shaun Rogers - Photos
Cinderella Man - fell on 4 toe attempt.Really disliked the music and program.
Nicholas LaRoche - Photos
Kodo Drums - I liek this program for Nick. Exciting and strong. Too bad about the 3 axel. And I think the landings of some of the other jumps were a little off as well.
Johnny Weir - Photos
The Swan - Mesmerizing. Brilliant program.
Michael Villarreal
Phantom - Here he is. Inside my mind. Duh duh duh duh duh duh (organ music play) Good jumps for Michael.
Evan Lysacek - Photos
Last Year's Bullfight Music -
Jordan Wilson - Photos
Jealousy - Great 3 axel. Weak Camel spin. Way off on final sit spin.
Rohene Ward - Photos
The Messiah Will Come Again - I have liked his programs more in other years. This one didn't have enough of the Rohene madness for me.
Parker Pennington - Photos
The Firm - Scrapy landing on 3 lutz of combo. Nice 3 axel. Program did nothing for me.
Michael Weiss
La Donna de Mobile (Verdi) - Well, I never thought I would say it, but I really loved this program. The footworkwas brilliant and he skated so well to the music. What a revelation.
Matt Savoie - Photos
Adagio for Strings (Barber) - Beautiful mesmerizing program with fall on dang 3 axel.

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