Notes From 2006 Nationals - St. Louis, Missouri
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Juliana Cannarozzo
Melissa Bulanhagui
Rachel Flatt
Jessica Houston
Katrina Hacker
Becky Hughes
Molly Oberstar
Megan Hyatt
Tenile Victorsen
Caroline Miller
Caroline Zhang
Ashley Wagner

For the most part this is a great group of all-around skaters - good jumps and wonderful "in-betweens" and soo expressive. A few of the jumps seemed cheated to me and it seemed from the numbers the judges mostly agreed. I will have to see the full details to be sure. Melissa's free was not as cool as her short, but she is still a very impressive skater with great attack. Megan Hyatt landed a boatload of jumps to win this thing and they were nice high jumps - good technical skater. Rachel Flatt's program didn't do anything to help her- and she could not afford that in this field. I think she should be pleased to be as high as she is in this group (and as I re-read this I realize it can be taken two ways - I meant - it was an impressive Jr. debut, not that she was lucky, or was held up) as he is fresh off her Novice year and this is a very advanced group of Jr. Ladies.

Juliana Cannarozzo - Photos
Angels in America- 3 loop-1toe. 3 lutz (fall). 2 axel. 3 flip. 3 lutz-2toe. 3 loop. 2 axel.
Melissa Bulanhagui - Photos
Passionata - 3lutz (struggled and held onto landing). 3 flip. 3 sal. spiral slo. 3 flip - 1 toe after swinging around. 3 lutz(2 footed, short of rotation)-2toe. 3toe-2toe. fel on an amazing footwork pass. 2 sal (swung out).
Rachel Flatt - Photos
Carmen - 2 axel. 3 lutz-2toe. 3F-2toe (fall) (I have been corrected - this was a 3toe-3toe combo and Rachel did get credit for the second triple, but did fall after getting the full rotation) 3 loop (popped) 3 flip (swinging). 3 sal-2toe-2loop. Some more jumps I did not record - This was a 3 sal.
Jessica Houston - Photos
Scheherazade - 2 axel. 2 footed a 3 lutz. 3 loop. 2 toe. 3 toe (2 footed). did a 3 loop.. I think. My notes seem to indicate there was more to this. 3 sal-2toe. 2 flip.
Katrina Hacker - Photos
Don Quixote - 3sal-2loop. 3 toe out of travelling 3s. 2 axel (with beautiful toe point in the air). 3 toe (short of rotation?, step out). 3 loop (short of rotation?). Spiral came very close to boards. 2axel.
Becky Hughes - Photos
The Mummy/Lawrence of Arabia/Prince of Egypt - Got one of her 3 lutzs done. did 3 toe-2toe-2toe did another 3 lutz with a step out and a 2 toe. tried for a 3 toe, but was short of rotation. also tried 3 loop. may have gotten rotation on that, but was 2 footed and stepped out of it.
Molly Oberstar - Photos
Michelle - 2 axel. 3sal-2toe-2loop. 3?toe-2toe. 3 loop. 2x-2loop 2? lutz. 3? sal.
Megan Hyatt - Photos
Complication/Mission Impossible 2/Libertango - 3 toe (hand down). 3 lutz-2toe. 3 loop. 2 axel. 3 sal (nice one). Back change edge spiral. 3 toe-2loop. 3sal-2toe-2loop. Seemed slow and cautious.
Tenile Victorsen - Photos
Salome - Landed 3 toe very low. 3 loop. 2 axel. Change edge spiral was a little weak. popped sal. pop toe. Fell on 3 sal. I missed a jump. 2 axel.
Caroline Miller - Photos
The Doors Concerto - Scrapy 2 axel landing. fell on 3 sal. popped loop. 2 tano lutz. did a sequence that began with a 2 flip, then had what I thought was a 1 loop-2 loop after it, but one of those may have been a toe. 3 sal. Stepped out of 2 axel. I missed a jump she did. Combo spin was rough.
Caroline Zhang - Photos
Meditation - 3 lutz. 2 axel. 3?? flip-2toe. 2 flutz-2oe-2loop. fell on 3 toe. 2 flip. Beautiful spirals and spin positions. Lovely skater.
Ashley Wagner - Photos
Scent of a Woman - 3 flip?toe?-2toe. 3 sal. 3? loop. 2? axel. 3?flip-2toe-2loop. 3?toe-step-3toe. 3?lutz (fall).

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