Photos From 2006 Nationals - St. Louis, Missouri
Copyright 2006 Ann Jensen - all rights reserved

I have lost track of what day I am supposed to be on now. Today is Tuesday. We got Danielle credentialled and fed and too her to her practice and then Antoinette drove she and Frank Carroll out to Webster Groves and she did another sessions there. and we fed everyone and Now we are collapsed and resting. We will go back into the fray for Jr Men's Fs Tonight at 6. The Savvis arena has no food or coffee for the practices - only for competition. But when it is open their coffee stand had really good cocoa and coffee and booze that they will put in your coffee amd cocoa. Shizuka Arikawa was in Webster Grove. Anyone know why?? She did a great practice and that was real fun to watch. But dang wierd. Got e-mail from Jed Hopkins today!! Hi there!!! Wish you were here show these code of points boys how its done!!

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Last updated: January 10, 2006 1:41 PM