Notes From 2005 Nationals - Portland, Oregon
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Derrick Delmore, Washington FSC
Shaun Rogers , University of Delaware FSC
Mauro Bruni, SC of New York, Inc
Jason Wong, SC of Boston
Braden Overett, Denver FSC
Parker Pennington, SC of New York, Inc.
Jordan Brauninger, Northern Kentucky SC
Wesley Campbell, Nashville FSC
Nicholas LaRoche, All Year FSC
Pierre Balain
Jordan Wilson, Santa Rosa FSC
Daniel Steffel, Peninsula SC
Timothy Goebel, Winterhurst FSC
Ryan Jahnke, Broadmoor SC, Inc
Dennis Phan, All Year FSC
Evan Lysacek, DuPage FSC
Matthew Savoie, Illinois Valley FSC
Scott Smith, SC of Boston
Johnny Weir, SC of New York
Michael Weiss, Washington FSC

Derrick Delmore, Washington FSC - Photos: Short
3 Lutz. 3 flip-3toe (short of rotation) 3 axel with hitch in the landing.
Shaun Rogers , University of Delaware FSC - Photos: Short
Music: Symphony 5 Shostakovich. 4 toe (looowwww)-2 toe. HUGE 3 axel. 3 flip (2 footed). Was robbed in scores. Nothing severly wrong with the program/presentation, etc. And the elements were there.
Mauro Bruni, SC of New York, Inc - Photos: Short
Music: Govi-Rhumba de Lal Noche. 2 axel. 3 lutx-3toe. 2 flip. I love Mauro's style - beautiful positions and really feels the music. The double flip costs him here, and the landings of the lutz and maybe even the toe were not quite full rotation. But everyone around me immediately fell in love with his skating.
Jason Wong, SC of Boston - Photos: Short
Music: Besame Mucho. Stumble in opening business. 3 axel, hand down, step out.- 2 toe. 3 loop ( fall) Spin slow. 2 axel.
Braden Overett, Denver FSC - Photos: Short
Music: Fiddler on teh roof. fell on axel. 3 lutz-2 toe. fell on loop. This program was AMAZING. The footwork and musical expression were superb. I loved it soo much. I hope he keeps it another year as it is just sublime.
Parker Pennington, SC of New York, Inc. - Photos: Short
Music: Legends (The Brave).I described thsi music in my notes as "Techno Hoedown". 3 axel. 3 lutz (fall) 3 flip. Slipped on a spin entrance and fell as well. In spite fo his performance of theelements I think Parker has come a loooong way this year. His skating was so much more interesting to watch for me. Nice extensions and interesting choreography. Very enjoyable. I was sorry to see the technical not work for him, as I want him to be encouraged with the changes he has made.
Jordan Brauninger, Northern Kentucky SC - Photos: Short
Music: 2001/E. Clocks. Not the sort of thing I would usually enjoy(sort of techno rock stuff) but this was actually really fun. 3 axel. Fast footwork. 3 flip. 2 lutz-3toe (2 footed). Quite pleasing to watch. he was the hit with all the ladies I talk to - kept saying he is very cute. I think it is legal for them to think that :)). He has buffed up a lot and was wearing a muscle-revealing shirt - always lovely to see.
Wesley Campbell, Nashville FSC - Photos: Short
Music: Vocalise. I have loved Wesley a lot in the past, but something was missing this year, Everyone was commenting on his hair being so wild and long and his programs didn't seem to have the same soul they have in the past. 3 axel (step out). 3 flip?lutz? (2 footed)-3toe. 3 flip.
Nicholas LaRoche, All Year FSC - Photos: Short
Music: Time to Say Goodbye. Nick didn't have the opportunity to do a COP competition this year, and so his program is clearly not constructed for it. Sometimes a sport evolves gradually - starts to become more technical or swings back to the artistic side. The implementation of COP has had an immediate and dramatic impact on how programs look. Nick's programs look like Pre-COP porgrams - fewer transitions - simple elegants stroking betwen elements. That would have been just fine a year or two ago, but I think the change has set in. His programs look "bare" now. I think that really hurt his marks - particularly the second one. 3 axel. 3 lutz-3 toe (step out) 3 flip. See - that contenet should have him in the thick of things....
Pierre Balain - Photos: Short
Music:(not in program). 3 axel (fall). 3 flip. 2 axel. Stumbled a few times in transitions and fotowork. Looked like Pierre gave up after the failed axel. I know this was tough for him - Igor is his coach too and he is very close to Angela.
Jordan Wilson, Santa Rosa FSC - Photos: Short
Music: Granada. 3 Axel. 3 Flip-3 Toe. 3 Lutz. Great to see Jordan get all the elements done cleanly. Huge technical achievement. I am very pleased for him. It was exciting to watch.
Daniel Steffel, Peninsula SC - Photos: Sectionals Short
Music: Brainbug-Nightmare. 3lutz - swing and - 2 toe. 3 flip. 2 axel. I am very pleased for Danny. I know him too well to make much objective comment here, but for someone who is splitting his time between a real life and school and skating this was a great achievement for him to have an essentially clean short program at Nationals.
Timothy Goebel, Winterhurst FSC - Photos: Short
Music: Concerto Elegaique for Piano in D Minor. 4 toe-2toe. 3 axel. 3 flip. Very touching to see Tim skate this well under such additional pressure/emotion. I was very happy for him - brought tears to my eyes.
Ryan Jahnke, Broadmoor SC, Inc - Photos: Short
Music: Bouree - Arranged by Ian Anderson. 3 axel. 3 lutz? -3 toe (2 footed). Tano 3 lutz (2 footed). I guess the two footed landing were very costly here.
Dennis Phan, All Year FSC
Evan Lysacek, DuPage FSC - Photos: Short
Music: Espana Cani. 3 axel. 3 lutz-3toe. 3 flip. Footwork had the crowd on their feet before the end of the program. Gave it his all and really let go. Awesome to see. One of thos goosbump nationals moments.
Matthew Savoie, Illinois Valley FSC - Photos: Short
Music: Adagio for strings. 3axel. 3 flip? -3toe. 3 lutz.
Scott Smith, SC of Boston - Photos: Short
Music: Freedom. 3 Axel. 4 sal (short of rotation, 2 footed) - 2? Toe. Footwork is just OK in this group. Scott is a pretty enjoyable skater. He has an odd hand position which keeps his otherwise well used arms from being as effective as they might be, but he has nice posture and line and so on.
Johnny Weir, SC of New York - Photos: Short
Music: Rhondo Capriccioso 3 axel with a little hitch on the landing. 3 lutz-3toe. 3 flip also with a hitchy landing. I think Dick says Johnny "Skates within himself" or some such thing. He is very inaccessable to me - sort of closed off and inward. I love watching his skating, but I am not "involved emotionally' with his skating the way I am for some of the more "outward" skaters. Sort of like admiring a work of art for it's technical qualities instead of really loving it. He has a lovely style reministant of John Curry to me and really is just beautiful to watch.
Michael Weiss, Washington FSC - Photos: Short
Music: Henry V. 4 toe (fall) 3 axel (rough landing - hung on) 3 lutz. Footwork was slow. Did a great change edge camel spin. Hmm. His placement seemed high to me for what he got done. Compare this to say...Shaun Rogers elements or Scott Smith's or Nick's or Derrick Delmore's. Ignoring the second mark for a moment, let's all try to understand why his first mark was so much higher, Were his elemets THAT much better in quality? Hmm.... Could it be SATAN???!?!?!?! I mean come on - I know he has a record, but he did a rough 3 axel and a 3 lutz. No combination at all. Please.

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