Notes From 2005 Nationals - Portland, Oregon
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Derrick Delmore, Washington FSC
Shaun Rogers , University of Delaware FSC
Mauro Bruni, SC of New York, Inc
Jason Wong, SC of Boston
Braden Overett, Denver FSC
Parker Pennington, SC of New York, Inc.
Jordan Brauninger, Northern Kentucky SC
Wesley Campbell, Nashville FSC
Nicholas LaRoche, All Year FSC
Pierre Balian, All Year FSC
Jordan Wilson, Santa Rosa FSC
Daniel Steffel, Peninsula SC
Timothy Goebel, Winterhurst FSC
Ryan Jahnke, Broadmoor SC, Inc
Evan Lysacek, DuPage FSC
Matthew Savoie, Illinois Valley FSC
Scott Smith, SC of Boston
Johnny Weir, SC of New York
Michael Weiss, Washington FSC

Derrick Delmore, Washington FSC - Photos
Henry VIII. Derrick is a lovely skater. Great line in every move and wonderful posture and presence.3 lutz-3toe. 3 axel. 3 sal-2toe. 3 sal. 3 flip (2 footed). 3 loop. 2 axel. 3toe-2toe.
Shaun Rogers , University of Delaware FSC - Photos
The Matrix Reloaded.(Still Not Music).4toe (fall). 3 axel (step out). 2 toe. 3 axel. 3 loop. 3 sal. 3 flip. 2toe 2toe (pop-pop). Shaun's jumps are impressive. As soon as he gets programs he should be rewarded. Maybe he should go through the style boot camp that Parker Pennington went through?
Mauro Bruni, SC of New York, Inc - Photos
The Mission.2 Axel. 3lutz-2 toe. 3loop ( 2 footed). Bobble on fly over in spin. 3 lutz. 3flip-2toe,. 3sal-2toe. 3 toe. Here is a skater I just love. He puts so much soul into his programs - really skates with his heart on his sleeve (which is always impeccably costumed). I love that raw emotion and feel for the music, but I know it comes at great risk to the skaters. I applaud him for his bravery.Always worth the price of admission.
Jason Wong, SC of Boston - Photos
Romeo and Juliet. I am so on the fence about this young man, he has nice posture, and his choreography is there, but sometimes just stuck on. His costumes were both a little garish for me - they both had big bright sections on them I did not really understand. The short looked like "Road Work at the Gay Bar". Maybe he is just young and hasn't really adopted a style yet. At any rate, there is posture and line here,and he skates to actual music, so I will hold out promise that he will thrill my soul someday in the future. 3 axel with a hitch. 3toe-3 ZToe. 3lutz with a swingy landing. A weak moth (bad butterfly) into a spin. 3loop-2toe. Popped flip. 3 loop. 3 sal. 2 axel (fall).
Braden Overett, Denver FSC - Photos
Freedom. 3 axel (fall). 3 toe. 3 flip. 3 axel. 3 loop. 3 toe. 3 lutz. 3sal-2toe. Anothe skater, who, like Maruo, skates with sould. His short program was brilliant (I hope he keeps it another year), but this, where the music is less "pre-defined" really showed his range and mastery of choreography and meaning to music. Sold.
Parker Pennington, SC of New York, Inc. - Photos
Xotica. (no, please have pity.) Well, parker has improved a lot since last year - especially in presentation. Despite the fact that I am through with this music, I like his skating. 3 axel (popped out of landing). 3 lutz. Change edge camel is beautiful.3? axel - turn. 3 lutz (hand down). 3 loop (fall). 2 axel 3 toe.
Jordan Brauninger, Northern Kentucky SC - Photos
Pirates.Well, this boy is certainly just lovely to look at. All the spectators in my section were smitten. I found his hair a trifle distracting, but there is no denying he is easy on the eyes.3 axel (hand down)-2? 3 lutz-3toe. 3 axel (hand down,step out). 3 flip. 3 loop. 3 sal. 2 axel.
Wesley Campbell, Nashville FSC - Photos
On the Waterfront. In the past I have LOVED Wesley. He was so lyrical and used his arms so well. This was not a great year for Wesley. First of all. his hair was amazingly distracting. It is sooo shaggy. I kept telling people "It's a phase - he'll get over it". But it was the ONLY thing people were talking about while he skated. He looked less expressive and more tight than usual. I was sad to see it. I hope he shakes this off and comes back as he was. 3 loop (fall). 2 axel-3toe. 3 flip. 3 sal-3?loop. "3" axel. 3 flip. 3 lutz-2toe. 2 axel (step out).
Nicholas LaRoche, All Year FSC - Photos
Clouda Classical (a lotta classical pieces strung together).The fact that Nicks programs aren't constructed for code of points seems even more obvious in the free (just beacuse it is longer).3 axel-3toe. 3 loop. 3 lutz-2toe. 2 axel. 3 flip (2 footed). 3 sal. footwork is lite. back lunge into 3 lutz is very cool and code of points friendly too!!. Nick has good tension and speed, but seemed a little cautious here.
Pierre Balian, All Year FSC - Photos
Something Classical, heavy and dark. 3 lutz (hand down). 3 axel (fall). popped flip. 3 toe. 3 toe-2toe. Combo spin - interesting positions, but no speed. 2 axel. Someone near me noted his "floppy arms". I think oftenPierre loses energy after the axel fails and it is hard for him to push through to the end of the program. He looked tired to me. His coach was the same one as Angela's. so I am sure that added to his performance problems here.
Jordan Wilson, Santa Rosa FSC - Photos
Phantom. This was a great skate for Jordan. I still wish he could have toe point and posture and engery that matches his spread eagle throughout the program, but technically this program was HUGE.#axel-3toe. 3 flip-3 toe. 3 lutz. 3 loop. 3 axel out of spread eagle. 3 sal.
Daniel Steffel, Peninsula SC - Photos
Carmen.3flip-3toe. 3 lutz (fall). 3 toe. 3 loop. 3 lutz (fall). Dang lutz.
Timothy Goebel, Winterhurst FSC - Photos
Queen Symphony. 4 toe (2 footed)-3toe. 3 axel (step out). 3 axel (one of these was his 4 sal - I think the first? 3 axel,swing,2toe. 3 flip. 3 lutz. 3 loop.Several people commented that Tim had improved his "in-betweens" yet again. I concur. That very impressive - to continue to grow and improve and change something that is so subtle and feels like you spend so muchtime working on the "little things". But it really shows.
Ryan Jahnke, Broadmoor SC, Inc - Photos
Piano Concerto in A Mino - Grieg.3 axel (hand down). 3toe-2toe-2loop. 3 lutz (2 footed, scrapey). Last change on camel off. 3 axel (fall). 3 sal. 3lutz (fall). 2 flip? toe? 3 loop (fall).
Evan Lysacek, DuPage FSC - Photos
Singin' In The Rain ( Brilliant choice - just reading the name of the music fills people with a sense of joy - like skating to any Gershwin. or Copeland. Hello??? Anyone listening??? Xotica and The Matrix have NO MEANING. They carry no Emotion. They are not good music for getting a crowd to care.)
Swoon. Etc.. Gush. All I wrote was "loop only issue". I was too busy screaming and being filled with the "danceabilty" of it all:)).
Matthew Savoie, Illinois Valley FSC - Photos
Xotica. (AIEEEEE- my head explodes. I love Matt's skating. Why did he pick this?? Weep). 3 lutz. 3 axel-2toe. pop sal to a double. 3 axel. 3flip-2toe. 3 loop. 2 lutz? 2 toe? 3 toe? Something is wrong with those last few.
Scott Smith, SC of Boston - Photos
The Prophet. This music didn't thrill me. Sounds like the soundtrack to a movie of some sort. 4?sal.3 axel (popped out of landing). 3 sal (fall). 3 lutz. either a 3toe-2toe or a 4toe-3oe combo. 3 loop. 3axel (popped out of landing again). 2? toe 2? flip
Johnny Weir, SC of New York - Photos
Otonal. 3axel-3toe. 3 flip. 3 lutz. trouble on camel. 3 axel. 3 loop. 3 toe. 3 flip (2 footed). I almost feel like a voyeur watching him - Like he is really skating all alone somewhere entirely for himself and I have snuck in. I feel I need to apologize for intruding.
Michael Weiss, Washington FSC - Photos
Led Zepplin and Mettalica. Yes, I do hate the music and the evil tattoo shirt. Not at all why I came to Nationals in any way. If I wanted this sort of thing I would be a soccer fan or a football (Ugh) fan and drink beer on tailgates.And his little football display at the end made me just crazy. Just Ick. I know he is trying to march to his own drummer and make a statement about the how there can be variety in styles. But I have to say this is not a road I would be happy to see other skaters go down. One is more than enough for me. I try so hard to just give skaters unconditional love, even when a particular program or season is not what I like. I wish he would make it easier for me to not be so evil. 4toe-3toe (swingy). 3 flip? 3 axel-2toe. 3 toe? 3 loop (hand down-fall). 3 axel. 3 flip. 3 lutz.

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