Notes From 2005 Nationals - Portland, Oregon
Copyright 2005 Ann Jensen - all rights reserved

Looong day. I felt lousy in AM, but I assumed that was because of the party last night. But during dinner I suddenly realized I actually have gotten a cold. Oh well. at l;east it is at the end and not the beginning!. Jr. Men's Free was very exciting. A lot fo the guys got nervouse and couldn't quite do the tricks I know they can - hate to se that, but I was pleased for what they were able to put out there. Very exciting for the HealthSouth crew to have Michaels Peters capture the Pewter. Yippeee. Then back tot he mall to hook up with the Kahle family. Dani tried to warm up on the public but it was pretty crowded. So me tortured her by making her do double axels from astand still. One of the novie ladies did that in their program and we al thought it was a cool way to start a program. She did it after only a little pondering, warmed up a few more jumps and spins, then gave up before someone got hurt and we all grabbed a bunch of food court food. Then off to the stores for shopping. We went back for the final flight of dance. That was fun. Then it was Sr. Pairs. That wasn't as terrifying as it has been in recent years. Lots of folks are assembling the tricks in the last two flights and the ones who aren't assembelemed are skating more within their means so there was only a few gasping white knuckle moments. I am way behind on posting notes, but I am trying to get caught up with the photos first, as I can type notes on the plane. We'll keep plugging away. events end early this evening and Daniel isn't much of a partier, so he may make some headway on photos this evening. The weather has turned bitterly cold. Went to dinner with Lisa and Gina and Noriko and Rob and Stella (all folks from our rink) last night and thought I would die waiting for the MAX. I went and hid in the restaraunt til the train arrived.

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Last updated: January 15, 2005 7:43 AM