Notes From 2005 Nationals - Portland, Oregon
Copyright 2005 Ann Jensen - all rights reserved

At the end of the day - just before the Sr. Pairs event - I was informed by a friend in the media room that the announcement about Angela's mother had just been made. It seems so impossible to believe. What a tragedy for them. Makes all of the complaining I have seem petty. But, that's what I do - so here we go.

They have decided that an "all event" ticket is a "some event" ticket. Didn't we mention when we took your $800.00 that we wouldn't let you into warm-ups this year? So sorry.

Only one eating establishment right at the arena and it had an hour wait when we had an hour beak - and a realy snotty hostess too. So we just went and got pizza in the arena. But first they had to piddle around trying to see if they would let us in. And if they let us in would it be a practice pass or a ticket? Dither Dither. This always happens. The last part of a practice leads right into an event and all event holders arrive and they won';t let us in - even though we HAVE every kind of ticket they could possibly want - because they can't figure out what to scan. Every freakin' year. Hello?!?!?!

Amazingly, the public transportation works really well. Much faster than any official shuttle I have ever seen. I was heir to a couple of bus passes - I have never used them and no one wants to buy them. The Max thingee is there every 10 minutes and loads fast and zooms off.

Between the two hotel buildings and the lack of 100% compliance with the shittle thingee and the smallness of the official hotels main lobby, this is the least sociable Nationals I have been at in a while. No real piles of poople gathered up discussing the events in the lobby and such. Small lobby - no lobby bar - just not the same atmosphere as when it is a big party back at the hotel every night. Really a bummer.

On the up side no arena Nazis messing with camera stuff and quick access to the two venues (except they won't let you IN once you get there).

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Last updated: January 13, 2005 5:58 AM