Photos From 2005 Nationals - Portland, Oregon
Copyright 2005 Ann Jensen - all rights reserved

Got up early and got dressed to go skating - then took me and my skates off to the Sr. men's practice. Ran into Frank and Ken and had a quick breakfast at the hotel and caught up on all the news. Was told that Dennis Phan is likely withdrawing - I see that confirmed on the USFS site today. Got the gory details of Frank's 4 hour plane delay in Palm springs (first the crew wasn't there - then there was mechanical trouble)...and off we went. I took notes on the first group, but wound up schmoozing and trying to sell Antoinette's tickets through the next two and only watched sporadically. Tim keeps holding his lower back. Not sure is it is a habit or what - but looked to me like he was having some pain. Evan's boots arrived at the very last moment and he missed about 10 minutes of his practice - which meant he wasn't really warmed up in time for his music, so he only did a partial run through.Parker Pennington gets my award for most changed skater. His hair and face are completely different and his skating is even MORE different. Huge improvement in the "2nd mark" for him. Very nice to see someone come so far in a season. Kudos. My hat's off to him :)).

After the practice was compulsary dance. I only watched Tiffany and her partner(they skated first)- who looked EXTREMELY good to me. Took photos (see the CD page). Then, as I had recieved the news that there had been a late change in plans and we would not be skating - I got all pissy and stormed off back to the hotel for a temper tantrum/weepy fit and some consoling shopping. Got great jacket and a new camera bag. Ran into the Kahle family - they are having trouble as they have one more kid who was able to come than they realized and they are short a ticket package (this means they can't get a practice pass - everything else they can buy) for her. Unfortunately those are items I have already sold from Antoinette's package. Not sure why they just don't sell the damn things if people want them. I have had more interest in them that the Sr. Ladies Freeskate. Hello?!?!?! USFS Marketing - hellooooooo?!?!?!

Hooked up with Burt Lancon and Mike Modro (he is out with an injury this year but came to watch the pairs so he knows what he is up against next year). Had lunch, shopped some more, played pool and had some drinks and went back to se Jr,. Pairs (see SP page for notes on that). Then back to the hotel for Daniel to put up photos and me to crash.Strella, Rob abd Gina arrived as did Mari -so the HealthSouth rooting section is all accounted for now!!

Can't find a bar in the official hotel. I thought that was a requirement....

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