Notes From 2004 Nationals - Atlanta, Georgia
Copyright 2004 Ann Jensen - all rights reserved

Johnny Weir
Matthew Lind
Derrick Delmore
Mauro Bruni
Ryan Bradley
Benjamin Miller
Rohene Ward
Daniel Lee
Dennis Phan
Jordan Wilson
Justin Dillon
Michael Villarreal
Jordan Brauninger
Timothy Goebel
Ryan Jahnke
Nicholas LaRoche
Evan Lysacek
Braden Overett
Parker Pennington
Matthew Savoie
Scott Smith
Michael Weiss

Johnny Weir - 1
3z-3t. 3x. 3f. fast - strong.

Matthew Lind - 11
3z (2f)-2t (barely). 3 flip. slow spin. Nice arms. 2axel. pretty position. nice footwork - soft and lyrical, but seemed short.

Derrick Delmore - 8
3f-2t. 3x. fell on lutz. sit travelled before centering.

Mauro Bruni - 20
BIAS - 2axel. fell on 3lutz. stepped out of flip. Mauro's program is wonderful to watch. He puts so much into every element of the choreography and feels the music so well.

Ryan Bradley - 5
3x. 3lutz (swing around)-3 toe (swing around). 3 flip. Very entertaining program - A lot of character and smiling to great music.

Benjamin Miller - 18
fell on 3 axel. 2flip-3t. pop?

Rohene Ward - 16
fell on all three jumps attempts. No coherant program left.

Daniel Lee - 21
fell on axel and flip. popped other jump.nice spins. fast footwork ot drums.

Dennis Phan - 15
3lutz-2toe (too close to boards on lutz) fell on 3 axel attempt. 3 flip was close to boards and had a swingy landing. Nice spread eagles.

Jordan Wilson - 19
fell forward on 3 axel. 3f-2t. 3 loop - landed still crossed hands down. looked like he was breathing hard before the half way mark.

Justin Dillon - 14
2axel. 2lutz-3t. 3 flip (2 footed).

Michael Villarreal - 22
pop axel -2t. good footwork. 2 flip. bobble on circ. footwork.

Jordan Brauninger - 12
pop axel. nice jazzy footwork to open. 3z-3t. 3 flip (held on).

Timothy Goebel - 10
I know this was on Tv. lets all just try to move on.

Ryan Jahnke - 6
3 axel. 3z-2t. 3 flip (step out). trouble on flying sit. Still an enjoyuable program. he is such a musical skater.

Nicholas LaRoche - 13
3z-2t fqall (he was SOOOO close to the boards on the lutz I am surprised he managed a second jump at all. 3x (fall) 3 flip.Still a astrong fast skater.

Evan Lysacek - 3
3x-2t. 2x. 3flip. Great program - strong fast - expressive. had the crowd on their feet. Glad it made the broadcast so you all can see!

Braden Overett - 9
3x (step out). 3z (step out) 2t. 3f. Cool program ot Mexican Hat Dance. GReat use of music and excellent steps in between elements.

Parker Pennington - 17
3x (fall) 3z-2t (step out). 3 flip (flip out). I really liked this program. In the past I have gotten the fuss about Parker, but I saw some artistry this year, so I am pleased.

Matthew Savoie - 2
3x. 3f?-3t. 2 axel. Glad he got the content done, but the program wasn't up to his usual standardsof musicality IMHO. Just ok.

Scott Smith - 7
3x (sailed) 4s-3t (I didn't have a good angle to see how the landing was on the quad). spin weak. 3 loop (step out).Footwork and chor were still "lit" and he skated to that "music" that is the sound of clocks. But he is coming along.

Michael Weiss - 4
4t (2 footed)-3t. 3x (fall). 3 flip.

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