Notes From 2004 Nationals - Atlanta, Georgia
Copyright 2004 Ann Jensen - all rights reserved

Suzy McDonald
Jane Bugaeva
Louann Donovan
Erica Archambault
Andrea Gardiner
Alissa Czisny
Natalie Mecher
Alexandra Patterson
Angela Nikodinov
Aanya Reiten
Stephanie Rosenthal
Felicia Beck
Sasha Cohen
Amber Corwin
Jennifer Don
Danielle Kahle
Jennifer Kirk
Michelle Kwan
Beatrisa Liang
Ann Patrice McDonough
Yebin Mok

Suzy McDonald -
2axel. messy 3lutz-2t. 2flip. really deep inside edge on spiral, but a bent free knee.

Jane Bugaeva - 2 axel. 3 lutz (fall?) 3 flip. weak spirals for this good a skater.

Louann Donovan - pop lutz-2t. flip fall. 2 axel. I didn't get the fuss over her program last year, but it was certainly better than this year.

Erica Archambault - fell on 3 loop. popped sal. 2 axel.

Andrea Gardiner - 3z-2t. 3 flip (2 footed) 2axel (2 footed).

Alissa Czisny - 2.5lutz-2t. 3flip. 2 axel. great spirals and spins.

Natalie Mecher - 3lutz (2f-step out-hand down) 2 axel.

Alexandra Patterson - 3t. 2axel. 3lutz (2foot)-2t.

Angela Nikodinov - 3lutz (rough)-2t. 3flip (2 footed?). 2axel.

Aanya Reiten - No notes - pretty skater.

Stephanie Rosenthal - 2axel.3sal. 3t(step out)-2toe.

Felicia Beck - fell on 3 lutz. 3 flip (2 foot) popped the axel. Great Felicia trademark program toChicago.

Sasha Cohen - 3z-2t. 3flip. 2axel. sailed into and out of everythign without a hitch. Beautifual - Sasha at her best.

Amber Corwin - 3t-3t. 3lutz. 2axel.

Jennifer Don - 3t-2t. fall on 3sal. 2axel.

Danielle Kahle - 3z (fall) 2x. 3 flip (fall).

Jennifer Kirk - 3t-2t. 3lutz. 2axel.

Michelle Kwan - 2axel (hitch on landing). 3lutz-2t. 3 flip.

Beatrisa Liang - 2axel (forard on landing). fell on 3 lutz. 3 flip.

Ann Patrice McDonough - 2axel. fell on lutz. 3 flip.

Yebin Mok - She is a beautiful skater and this was a dramatic skate to Bolero.

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