Notes From 2004 Nationals - Atlanta, Georgia
Copyright 2004 Ann Jensen - all rights reserved

SP:What they are supposed to do: Press lift, Twist lift (these were all doubles), Side by side 2 flips.Side by side spins, pairs spin and the evil back outside death spiral. Like Eskimos with many names for snow, I now have a variety of ways to describe problems wit the BODS.My husband called one the "I refuse to die" spiral.

Numbers by names are placements(SP/FS/Final). Names are in the order the USFSA listed them on their site.

Julia Vlassov and Drew Meekins
Kylie Gleason and Taylor Toth
Kelly Settelen and Andrew Goldman
Chloe Katz and Joseph Lynch
Mariel Miller and Rockne Brubaker
Aaryn Smith and Will Chitwood
Kaile Eison and Daniel Eison
Melissa Bedell and Brandon Hanson
Bianca Butler and Joseph Jacobsen
Molly Aaron and Daniel Curzon
Keauna McLaughlin and Ethan Burgess
Tamara Tossey and Jordan Judt

Julia Vlassov and Drew Meekins - 1/1/1
SP:Strong fast. Sme program as last year in same costumes. Solid.
FS: 3tw/ Star - 1hand to inverted star. throw 3sal. ( this was liek the CHinese teams. - it freakin' sails.) sxs 2z. sxs 2f. throw 2 toe (effortless). back press to 1 hand. cool entrance ot pair spin where she does a layback while he circles. A jump sequence executed cleanly. They were so clearly going to win here. The have that Russian technial pair team look 0 just checkign off the elements brilliantly.

Kylie Gleason and Taylor Toth - 5/5/5
SP:Clean. Flips were huge. My friend's 4 year old Marshall thought Kylie was cute and declared that this was a "good program".
FS:2 twist. Star lift. throw 2sal. sxs 2x (he fell). Platter. Throw 2 toe. sxs 2z-2t.Their music sounded like a marching band version fo stairway to Heaven. Took me forever to recognize the song. It worked just fine - just disconcerting for someone who grew up with the song.

Kelly Settelen and Andrew Goldman - 4/6/6
SP:Fast. She is tall for him - the take off of the twist looked almost liek a throw loop. Death spiral was one of the nicer ones. I missed the lift, but a companion said it was a little lacking in extension.
FS:3twist. 2x2 2 axel (she fell). throw 3 sal (hand down). sxs camel-sit. back bress with a little bounce on the dismount. BODS-FIDS. throw 2 loop. sxs jumps - he fell.Platter lift slow. Ended VERY early.

Chloe Katz and Joseph Lynch - 10/11/11
SP:Lift was shorter than most. Trouble on the sxs spins. Deathspiral was diagonal and snowy. Footwork seemed cautious.
FS:2 twist was a little sideways. Back press. Th 3 sal. . step out of sxs flips? Flying camel - back sit. FIDS. Forward press (not overhead). thr 2 lp. 2x (fall.) then they fell again - trying for toew?

Mariel Miller and Rockne Brubaker - 2/2/2
SP:I LOVED THEM. Beautiful program. Lovely costumes. Swoon. Oh - and they skated well too - not what usually happens to skaters I fall for on warm up!! They were a bit off on the exit of the side by side spin, otherwise all was well.
FS: Yippee. They did it again. 3 twist (slight collision onn catch). throw 2x. Back press. sxs2x. sxs 2f. misstep on sxs camels. Lift with many changes of position, but was shakey in parts. Th 2sal. sxs 2z. BIDS. BODS.

Aaryn Smith and Will Chitwood - 6/4/4
SP:Very low twist. Nice death spiral. Loved their crossovers. - quiet and powerful. good lift. She didn't hit her stop before the footwork well and bumped into the wall a bit. Footwork went fine anyway.
FS:2 twist. th 2 lp with a big wind up. sxs 2x. back press to star. sxs 2z (she singled)-2t. Nice BIDS. Star with twist out. throw 2sal. sxs F?FIDS

Kaile Eison and Daniel Eison - 12/12/12
SP:She flipped out of the sxs flips. Lift went up a little slowly. BODS was twisty. he hesitated a bit on exit of sxs spins.
FS:Press to one hand. throw 3sal (fall). 2 twist (little collision). sxs 2z (she fell). Press to star. Throw 2 lp. sxs 1x...2t. sxs 2s. FIDS with hitch on exit.

Melissa Bedell and Brandon Hanson - 8/9/9
SP:Nice presentation and lovely pink costumes. I liked their look very much. Sxs spin was off
FS:2 twist (horizontal). "sxs" 2x. sxs spins off and on. Platter. sxs 2 z (he stepped out). 2t. stop. Pair spin rough. Throw 2 lp (not close - fall). throw axel. Rough FIDS - fall .

Bianca Butler and Joseph Jacobsen - 7/7/7
SP: I missed the 2 flips. Pair spin was off and slow. They seemed slow throughout, except in footwork which was the best of the field - very impressive -
FS:2.5 twist (she litteraly landed facing forward, away from him).th 2sal. sxs 2sal. camel flying caml-illusion (very cool sxs spin).
Back press to one hand. sxs ?lp...?toe. Sideways star lift. th 2 loop.sxs 2 flip. FIDS (rough exit).

Molly Aaron and Daniel Curzon - 9/8/8
SP:They have one of those twists where he does a little bouncing with her before he throws her - like a wind up? Tap - tap - toss. 2 flip was rough - entered it very slowly. sxs spin was off, then on again.
FS:Bounce,tap, 3 twist.(little collision). th 2 lp. sxs 2z (he fell). back press. th2sal. sxs spin slow,although they were fast in general. Platter-catchfoot-star lift. Jump sequence I missed. FIDS.

Keauna McLaughlin and Ethan Burgess - 3/3/3
SP:She is 11. He is 20. Huge beautiful 2 twist - air time - hang - delay. Awesome.Big star position in lift. Long set up on the pair spin.
FS: The huge 2 twist again. Throw 2sal. "sxs" 2x. press to one hand. BODS. Star to reverse star. Spins off. Throw 2 loop. 2f-2t. FIDS.

Tamara Tossey and Jordan Judt - 11/10/10
SP:They looked pretty good to me until the death spiral at the end. She didn't get low at all and it didn't go around enough times. And then they ended before music. Not sure why that one error cost so much.
FS: Nice 2 tw. th 2 lp. back press. 1x-2t. 1f. platter. the 2 sal. got off in fw at the end. FIDS. VERY fast.

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