Notes From 2004 Nationals - Atlanta, Georgia
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Commen elements I won't bother mentioning unless there was a problem:
2axel, 2 flip out of footwork, spins(incl. one flying) and footwork sequence. Placements are by names. Names in order the USFSA listed them. A lot of the boys had trouble with the placement of the lutz. I think that, combined with some ovoid circular footwork patterns leads me to believe the rink is narrow.

Stephen Carriere
Steven Elefante
Lenny Raney
Daniel Raad
Charlie White
Brandon Mroz
William Brewster
Daniel Eison
Princeton Kwong
Daisuke Murakami
Douglas Razzano
Peter Lindstrom

Stephen Carriere - 6
Popped the attempted lutz very awkwardly.

Steven Elefante - 12
Cheated 3 lp-2t. fell on axel. rough combo spin. Has the Weiss blades and does a heel spread eagle in them.

Lenny Raney - 9
Cheated 3 flip - 2 toe. Footwork seemed weak. combo spin was slow.

Daniel Raad - 11
2 axel was rough. fell on 3 loop - 2 toe. Footwork was weak compared to field as well. Not an extremely expressive skater.

Charlie White - 1
3 Lutz-2toel The lutz was VERY near the boards, I wasn't sure he got full rotation and I thought he had a turn before the toe. We thought his foot hit in the flying sit...but maybe not. His diagonal footwork was senior level. Awesome speed and complex. I enjoyed his program. Several around me felt that due to the problems with the lutz he shouldn't have been first, but I enjoyed his skating so much I can't get too in a twist about it.

Brandon Mroz - 7
An ambitiously choreographed program to the Circusy sounding parst of Cirque. I think that it is a aweseome program, but maybe it needs another season to get him more comfortable in it. 3T-2T. He was a trifle slow as well.

William Brewster - 4
Popped lutz-2toe. VERY fast into jumps. Aggressive. Very good skater - seemed to have a great contol at high speeds. Of fett and arms and upper body. Solid. I think his circular footwork was not a complete circle, although it was good footwork and well done.

Daniel Eison - 5
A program to Who music is not something you would normally hear me praise, but this was great. He kept the character throughout and really sold it.It really works with the basic way he skates and looks. Just really well thought out by his team.I enjoyed it in spite of my fuddy-duddy music taste. 3 s-2t

Princeton Kwong - 2
Strong fast skater with a charming smile after the elements were under his belt. 3t-2t.

Daisuke Murakami - 3
3t-2t. Coach next to me thought his flying spin was short a rotation.This a great Philip Mills program to swing music and Dice sells it convincingly. Very enjoyable.

Douglas Razzano - 10
He came undone. Looked tense. Hand down on the lutz, stepped out - 2 toe. popped the flip.

Peter Lindstrom - 8
3sal-2t. Swung a bit on the 2 axel. His footwork moves fast, but I think it seemed there was more time that most spent on 2 feet skating forward. He skated the program well.

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