Notes From 2004 Nationals - Atlanta, Georgia
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Like the Novice ladies free, a lot of these "programs" were crossovers between elements. Some of the boys remembered there was an audience there, some did not. The short program is more fun.The number after their name is the final placement, if that differed from their place in the free, I have the freeskate placement right after it.
Stephen Carriere

Steven Elefante
Lenny Raney
Daniel Raad
Charlie White
Brandon Mroz
William Brewster
Daniel Eison
Princeton Kwong
Daisuke Murakami
Douglas Razzano
Peter Lindstrom

Stephen Carriere -4
Nice jazzy PROGRAM. Fun to watch. 3s. 3z (fall). "flying" camel. ?flip. 3 lp. waxel. 3t-2t. a jump I missed.

Steven Elefante -8 (5)
3lp. 3z-2t. pop flip. flying sit. 2x. 3t-2t. 3?sal. 2x (step out). another jump I missed.

Lenny Raney - 11 (10)
2axel. "3"f-"3"t. 3z. 3s-2t. nice spirals. 3t(barely). nice camel. he did footwork that seemed short to me.

Daniel Raad - 12 (11)
3z (fall) 3t-2t. 2x 3s (fall out-hand down). flying sit. 3f(fall) "3" loop. 3t. footwork was on two feet. 3s-2t. 2x. a jump I missed. "3"sal. "2"x.

Charlie White -3 (6)
2x-2t. 3z. camel recentered. 3flip (fall). 3sal (swingy).3loop (spiraled in on landing).3s (fall). 2f? 2x fall. fall. fall - no kidding - the kid just couldn't scramble back up - and right in front of the judges. I was very sad for him.Charlie is an excellent skater. His blade control is good and he jumps well. I think he just pooped out towards the end here. It was a good effort.

Brandon Mroz - 7
Wearing a copy of Yagudin's "Winter" shirt. 3f-2t. good eye contact. He knows we are watching and he is glad. 3 lp. death drop. 3s-2t. VERY cool Choreography. My program is away from me, but I know that Steven Cousins and Doug Leigh are involved in his team. Kudos for two really COOL programs. He seemed more comfortable with this program than the short.3t (swing out). Spread eagle into 2x.

William Brewster - 6 (8)
My Favorite skater of the evening. He is doing amazing stuff betwwen the elements. Great use of edges and blades. NEVER resorted to crossovers.I just enjoyed watching his skating so much.This is a kid who looks like he has been doing figures. Major snaps to his team. His jumps didn't work for him this evening, but I refuse to go into detail.Its my web site. I can do what I want. And I don't have a personal interest here - Don't know the kid, the parents, the coaches. Nothing. Never saw him before the short program. He is the Gig Suruno of the event so far.

Daniel Eison - 10 (11)
3-2 ? 2x (step out). 3s. great footwork.3t (fall and tumble). Considering he had just finished competing pairs with his sister this was a noble effort here. clearly out of lactic acid at the end.

Princeton Kwong - 1
Nice smile at the end. 3t-2t. 3f-2t. 2z. 2x. 3lp-2t. fly camel. 2x. 3s. 3t. sloppy death drop.. nice circular footwork. a triple I think - I missed it.His lutz is probably a triple.

Daisuke Murakami - 2
2x (fall). 3z-2t. 3lp. 3f.(step out). 3t-2t. 3s. 2z. 2x. fell on fly into spin.

Douglas Razzano - 5 (3)
2x. 3z-2t. 3lp. 3f (low - hung on). 2x. 2t. weak spin. Skates very fast. 3s. 3t-2t. Spread eagles are nice, but they are too short.

Peter Lindstrom - 9
3t-2t. 2x. 3s-2t. "fly" hop camel. 2z. 3t. 2lp. 2lp.2x (fall). 2f?step out - tired looking. flying sit.

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