Notes From 2004 Nationals - Atlanta, Georgia
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Everyone is required to do a double-double or triple double, a double flip out of footwork and an axel or double axel, plus the other spins/footwork requirements. I will list just the elemenst that need defining. You can assume the rest was there and clean.Placements are next to names - names are in the order the USFSA had them on their website.

Music Notes: 2 Hernando's Hideaway and only one Chicago. I will list each skater's music later if I have time - it is in the program.

Christine Zukowski
Katrina Hacker
Juliana Cannorozzo
Danielle Shepard
Megan Oster
Brittany Vise
Molly Oberstar
Cara Kinney
Jessica Lee
Tenile Victorsen
Crystal Shum
Lindsey Wilson

Christine Zukowski -2
3T-2T was the combo. Stepped out of her 2 axel. Flip landing loked a bit rough as well. Good combo spin. I thought her program had more crossovers than some of the others, but she was very fast and strong. Powerful jumper.

Katrina Hacker - 4
3S-2Lp. I had seen Katrina before at HealthSouth during our summer program. I was so impressed by how far she has come. This was an awesome skate. I was sure she would be well up in rthe standings. Solid jumps. Particularly liked the definition between the sal and loop - nice sequence.

Juliana Cannorozzo - 8
3T (hand down) -2 T.

Danielle Shepard - 6
Very effective program. Cool new agey music. Beautiful costume with lavender and minty green. Lovely. 3s-2lp toey landing on the 2 axel. Swingly landing on the 2 flip.

Megan Oster - 7
Fall on 3 lutz attempt. 2 axel was a little wide on landing. Gutsy move to ttry the lutz.

Brittany Vise - 9
Stepped out of 2 axel. 3T-2T. Came out of her layback oddly - maybe had problem?

Molly Oberstar - 11
3sal-2T - really seemed compromised on roatation - very ...spinning into the circles on landing of both. If I could use hand gestures you would see what I mean here. Showed good strength to not give up on them. 2 Axel was "pegged" on the landing - sort of jumped in place. Beautiful tallskater who makes the most of her heigth with lovely Charlotte and Ina Bauers and so on. And in a lovely dress. Enjoyable program.

Cara Kinney - 5
3S-2T Nice lively program to Gershwin Medley in a bright yellow dress. Very fun to watch.Did flying camel.

Jessica Lee - 1
3 Sal-2 toe - sailed in and out. Solid skate. Fast and beautiful. Confident. Smiling all the way. We thought for sure she had it nailed, but she skated first and this turned out to be a pretty solid competition.

Tenile Victorsen -3
3T-2T. littel scrapey on the flip landing. ended program early.

Crystal Shum - 10
Showed she has a huge 2 axel in the warm up, but sort of took off forward on it in the program and fell forward on the landing. Too bad - she is a strong skater. 3T-2T.

Lindsey Wilson - 12
Fell on 3 loop. Little bobble on footwork into flip.

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