Notes From 2004 Nationals - Atlanta, Georgia
Copyright 2004 Ann Jensen - all rights reserved

Numbers by names are OVERALL FINAL placement -
if it differs from the placement in the freeskate, the freeskate placement follows.My notes may note be as detailed for the free. I was again reminded that the artistry at the novice level is mainly in the short program. Many of these programs were just crossovers back and forth between the elements with varying degrees of posture.

Christine Zukowski
Katrina Hacker
Juliana Cannorozzo
Danielle Shepard
Megan Oster
Brittany Vise
Molly Oberstar
Cara Kinney
Jessica Lee
Tenile Victorsen
Crystal Shum
Lindsey Wilson

Christine Zukowski -1
A strong jumper. She did a great triple toe - triple toe in warm up - fast and big. But she couldn't get that done in the program. SO she did everything else. 3sal. 3lz-2t. 2x (skid)-3toe. flying camel. 3 flip (wrapped). 3 loo (wrapped). popped a toe (this was, I assume, to be the 3-3 combo). there was one more jumping pass - sal -toe I believe. Definitely out jumped the rest of the field.

Katrina Hacker - 6 (7)
3sal - a little hop and then, I think she did a loop. 2 toe - 1.25 t. 2 lutz. 2 loop. 3 sal. 2 x-2t. 3 t (fall). She was a little slower than some of the top finishers.

Juliana Cannorozzo - 10
She actually COMBINED Carmen and Zorro in her music. Now if we could just work Malaguna in too. 2x. 3 s(fall) 2t-2t.3lp (fall) 2z 3 s (swingy) a jump I missed. 2 flip. She has a very expressive face and uses her hands well.

Danielle Shepard - 2
Oh - I am so happy she did well. What a cutey. Her free program wasn't as "cool" as her short program, but she skated well. 3 loop (shy of full rotation).3t-3lp.3z (nicely done).1 foot axel-2t(some saw the second jump as a sal - whatever it is this is a cool combination).2 axel. popped sal.

Megan Oster- 11
3z(fall) 3f 2 x (hand down) pretty hands. 3 loop.3s-2t.3t. 2x-2t.

Brittany Vise - 9
3t(fall) 2x-2t.3s-2t (this combination was very - circular - the end of each jump wound in quite a bit - it wasn't tidy). 2f. 2z. 3t. 2x.

Molly Oberstar - 11
3f-2t.2x-2t.Camel-nice Lucindah Ruh spin.3lp(fall).3sal. 2z-2lp. a jump I missed. Nice Charlotte into a toe. very pretty skater with some interesting moves betwwen the jumps.

Cara Kinney - 4
2x-2t-2lp. 3sal. 2f-2lp. 2x 2x 2t-2lp I think I have this written wrong. And at the time I remember being impressed and thinking she had a good shot at the podium with this free skate.- so I think I just miswrote. The flip and toe had to have been triples.

Jessica Lee - 5 (6)
Poor thing. She really had a rough skate. I missed her first jump. 2x-2t (step out). pop sal. 3t (fall). 2 lp. 2 x (same place in the rink as the first). 2z-2lp (fall). Skated to Carmen.

Tenile Victorsen 7 (8)
Another poor thing.3sal (hand down)-2t. 3t(forward). My notes get hazy here - maybe 2lp. 2 z. a jump I missed that she fell on. 2x (fall), a couple of pops.

Crystal Shum - 8 (5)
3t-2t. 2x-2t. 2z. 2x. 3s-2t. 3t (fall) 2f. flying camel.

Lindsey Wilson - 2z. 3t-2t at the wall. 3lp (fall) 1.75x. 3s (fall) 2f-2t.

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