Notes From 2004 Nationals - Atlanta, Georgia
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What they have in common: double/triple flip out of steps, camel change camel, flying sit spin, double axel.

Adam Aronowitz
Tommy Steenberg
Jason Wong
Traighe Rouse
Wesley Campbell
Jeremy Abbott
Ben Woolwine
David Sanders
Christopher Toland
Igor Matsipura
Michael Peters
Tim Wright

Adam Aronowitz - 11
Sandra's report says he is injured - I was wondering what was up. fell on 3 lutz and on flip. Even his stars looked like he was hurting.

Tommy Steenberg - 2
Fun skate - he actually USED his music and skated to it. 3lutz-2toe. Footwork seemed a little weak and combo spin was slow, but all in all it was a good skate.

Jason Wong - 6
Popped flip. 3 lutz-2toe. camel spin position could use some work. Skated to horrible Techno piece with whistles in it. Not sure how you would even manage to express this kind of "music". Looked tense. Has a nice smile and can be a perky skater. needs help on finding real music.

Traighe Rouse - 7
fell on his 3 flip. Did 3 lutz-2 toe. flying spin was weak. interessting combo spin;.

Wesley Campbell - 4
Really good camel. 3 lutz-2loop. flying sit was excellent. fell on the flip. hand down on the axel. Seemed to me to skate the fastest/freest. I would have held him up on the second mark compared to the rest. and the combo jump was a little I am ok with where he is.

Jeremy Abbott - 10
Really good camel. Fell on lutz. 2 flip. great expression of music. flying sit very nice. 2 axel was skimmy and a bit wild. cool combo spin. We all liked his blue/black outfit too. If he could have nailed the combo and blown the flip instead he would be in the thick of it.

Ben Woolwine - 5
His music was very monotonous. Didn't help him at all. big 3 flip. 3 lutz (hand down) - 2 toe. fly good, sit spin was not. Strange choreography. I saw "The Truman Show" and liked it a lot, and I have no idea why he crouched down and played patty cake with/on the ice. I guess I should go watch it again. At least he hit the ice to the beats of the music. I think he was short rotation on the second part of the camel.

David Sanders - 12
Nice jazzy music and had some nice swingy moves to it. 3 lutz-2toe. camel was short every which way. steps weak into flip and then he fell and hit the wall. flying sit was just ok. 2 axel was not real big. I was sad to see him have trouble. I liked his music and basic style.

Christopher Toland - 3
BIAS alert. 3z-2toe. The lutz got away from him a bit and he had to really fight for the toe, which he then sort of stepped out of. rest of program was clean. He seemed hesitant compared to how I know he can tear this up, but he held on and got the job done. I look forward to seeing him cut loose in his free skate. Good expression of the music - the program is a good one (Chor: Russ Witherby) and Chris works it well.

Igor Matsipura - 1
I thought his 3 axel-2toe was just lovely. Most of our Sr. men would be more than happy with it. Camel was slow on the second half. Stepped out of 2axel, put his hand down. Program doesn't seem to acknowledge music at all, and Igor skates sort of like Ilia Kulik (in the looking down at the ice and not seeing the crowd way) , so he didn't really suck the crowd in, but the combination was really lovely and his skating is very nice.

Michael Peters - 9
Techno Carmina Burana. Costume had a cross and a bloody handkerchief. Carmina Burana is about fate and how it sucks and how we are all doomed. Putting it to techno beat is..well, I guess the 2004 way of saying "eat drink and be merry for tomorrow we may die". He definitely was very involved in his choreography - especially at the beginning of the program. and that is a good thing. 3axel (hand down) - 2 toe. camel was slow. Good flying sit. 2 axel. 2 flip. wore out during footwork. Nice combo spin.

Tim Wright - 8
Skated first. 3 flip. 3 lutz-2t. Slow camel. footwork was very stop and start toepick variety. flying sit ok. Nice spread eagles. Seemed slower than most of the group and his landings all seem a little off... like there is a slight hitch, or just not the flow out? Still, a clean skate, and we didn't see many!

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