Notes From 2004 Nationals - Atlanta, Georgia
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Adam Aronowitz
Tommy Steenberg
Jason Wong
Traighe Rouse
Wesley Campbell
Jeremy Abbott
Ben Woolwine
David Sanders
Christopher Toland
Igor Matsipura
Michael Peters
Tim Wright

Adam Aronowitz
hand down on 3 lutz-2t. 2.75 loop. 2axel. 3 flip (fall) 3sal ? pop lutz. stumble at end of fottwork. 3t-2t.

Tommy Steenberg - 4 (overall)
Jump-3t (fall) 3 flip (step out). nice zorro Footwork. 3z (2f). 3 sal (swingy). 3 loop (fall). 3t-2t. 2x-2t. Nice spirals. A little slower and ..choppier in his movements that the podium.

Jason Wong - 2 (overall)
3f. 2axel. 3z-2t. 3lp. nice spread eagle/spiral. Not real connected ot his music. 3 flutz. 3t-2t. nice flamenco footwork. 3 sal.

Traighe Rouse - 5 (overall)
2axel. 3lutz-2t. short spin. 3 sal. 3f-2t. 2axel (step out). combo spin slow at end (camel ). pop. 3toe. pop flip.

Wesley Campbell - 3 (overall)
I missed the first jump. 2x-2t. 3z-2lp. 1st hapf of footwork strong then he seemed to lose steam. 3 sal. No eye contact in the slow. cool spin position. simple in between moves. 3 flip (faqll). 3 z (fall)

Jeremy Abbott - 7 (overall)
3z-2t. fall on 3 axel. a jump I missed. 2axel. 3 loop (bad fall). 3 toe. Nice eye contact in spots. missed a combination jump. seemthing witha 2 toe on the end. I liked the skating, but the music was more of that damn Techno stuff. I just can't deal with it. Relentless and so...all at the same level. Pulled himself up a lot of places with this skate.

Ben Woolwine - 6 (overall)
3 lutz. 3flip-2toe. 3sal?-2t. fall on 3 lutz. footwork slow. fell on 3 sal. ran out of steam. looks at the ice a lot. 3 toe. 2axel (fall).

David Sanders - 3z-2t. 3sal. 3flip. 2axel. 3t (2 foot). 3lutz. 2 axel. jump I missed. 3 flip (2 footed). spins a little weak.

Christopher Toland -1 (overall)
BIAS. 3z-2t (popped from a triple). 3lp (rough). 3 t. 3f. 2x 2x-2t 3sal. 3z (step out). I did this from memory because I couldn't write during the skate. He REALLY sold the program - especially the slow part. I was so impressed by his speed and strength.

Igor Matsipura - 8 (overall)
3axel (swung around a few times)-2 toe. 2 flip? Looked slow and like he had no confidence at all. 3 lutz (hand down - step out). 3 axel (fall). 2 loop (fall). Igor is a fine skater - he proved it in the short. I was sorry to see him so....low (in every sense) in the free.

Michael Peters -
He had a bloody handkerchief on his costume in the short and one sleeve of this costume is ripped up and has shiny blood on it. I sense a theme here. 3 axel (step out) 3 flip (step out). 3z-2t. a jump I missed. boot strap boke. 3 t. weak camel position - nice speed. pop lutz. 3 sal (swingy).

Tim Wright
3f-2t. 3z-1t. 3t. fly camel. 3sal. (fall). bobble on moves.

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