Notes From 2004 Nationals - Atlanta, Georgia
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Wednesday, January 7

NOTE: There was a PSA meeting after the evening's events. They say they wish they knew what people's complaints about the event were, as they have not heard a thing. The PSA is an organization that educates and organizes coaches and professionals. As of next year it will not be possible to get a coach's credential if you are not a member of the PSA. They also confirmed that Portland will have NO shuttles - it will be public transportation (or your own car) ONLY. I believe their web site is I am NEVER buying tickets in advance to one of these ever again. Public transportation. I told the organizers who were at Dallas scouting that it was an awful idea and they got pissy with me. I say it again: AWFUL IDEA.

Well, today I did a Gwinnett run for JR. Men and then back to Phillips, which had no food open yet, so out to the CNN center for food, then back into the arena (but we weren't allowed to bring our food this time cuz the food places opened while we were gone - Geesh - We WANTED to eat there - you were to f-ing lazy to open early. I HATE the way this stuff works. Petty inconveniences and huge lapses in customer service for NO reason - just stupid disorganized middle management a-holes.

The hotel can't be bothered to open things up when the guests are actually there, so they are losing a BUNCH of money. The food service places at Philips were closed for almost half of the Sr. Pairs event. The pretzel place was open, but out of pretzels. DUH. DUH. And this was not at ALL a crowded evening. I think we are all going to be gnawing on our neighbors by the time the SR. Ladies Free happens.
Did manage to get two drinks - one from each bar at the Hotel, as they closed them down last night.Oy. Oh well, They can't change the fact that I love to watch skating - no matter how much they mess around with the details. Oh - Gina, Stella and Rob joined the party yesterday. It was really fun visiting with them during/after events. Look forward to some big fun today.

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Last updated: January 8, 2004 6:03 AM