Notes From 2004 Nationals - Atlanta, Georgia
Copyright 2004 Ann Jensen - all rights reserved

Tuesday, January 6

Went to the Sr. Ladies Practice and then, with an able assist from Antoinette, took Danielle Kahle out to "The Cooler". Drank in the bar for a while. Typed up notes. Gave away my CD and OD tickets, so I missed the Diva Drama. Can't we just find Peter a new Partner? The hotel serves only breakfast in their restaraunt and the bar closes at midnight. And the Starbucks closes at 6:00. They just do not understand skating here. I hate this hotel more than the Salt Lake Hotel, which held the prior record for stupid stuff. Also, the club section that our seats are in is cool - it has a bunch of separate food service places and we have our own bathroom, which is a little less crowded than the other. But all the food service shuts before the events are over. Even before the last zamboni break. This town just doesn't want our money.

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Last updated: January 8, 2004 5:52 AM