Notes From 2004 Nationals - Atlanta, Georgia
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Sunday, January 4

All Novice all day. The secondary venue is REALLY far away. Definitely 35 minutes on a Sunday with no traffic. But it is a great venue. Comfy seats. Food available - including fresh lettus and tomatoes for the hanbirgers and grilled chicken sandwhiches. And they had ice cream too. No one is checking bags. Lots of stuffed animals were thrown and we clearly could have brought in food. They have allowed the same amount of time on the schedule for short programs as they have for free skates, so there is actually a lot of down time between events. But since it takes over an hour to get to the hotel/Philips and back there isn't a damn thing you can do with the down time. Janey Mayne's mom is learning to crochet with her down time. The rest of us chat and wander and meet old friends form prior Nationals. I was excited to see Jessica' Lee's mom and very pleased that Jessica skated and placed so well. Yippee!! Also, other HealthSouth visitors of Note were Katrina Hacker (4, Nov. ladies SP) and Kylie Gleason - who placed 5 in Nov. pairs SP with her partner, Taylor Toth. Jordon Judt and his partner Tamara Tossey skated well to my eye, but has problems in their death spiral and placed 11th in the SP.

I met up with Leah Adams at the arena and we caught up. Leah recommends eating at the place up the street that starts with a D and has a neon martini glass on the sign, as well as the Chinese place on the corner (Hsu's?). Also saw Clement and Priscilla (the pin people). Dee sold off her tickets due to the changed venues and bus credentialling fiasco, so sadly she won't be here this year. Hi Dee - we miss you. haven't seen Sandra of Louis or Kevin yet - perhaps today.

Antoinette, Richard, Marshall and my husband and I all went to a Red Lobster near the arena. The service was awful AGAIN, but we did eat and drink. I ordered one Pina Colada and all but Richard (our designated driver) enjoyed it so mouch I ordered something called "Alodda Colada" which was a martini glass shaped bathtub o' booze. Daniel, Antoinette and I polished that off, then we met up with Burt Lancon and his wife in the hotel bar and visited for a bit. Burt was explaining to Marshall about Hanukkah Joe and flying Gefilte fish (this will teach Antoinette to leave her son with this group in a hotel bar). Burt and his wife told us that they had a great meal at a place called "The Abbey" - so we have a referral for a good meal. Marshall ate his milk and cookies and we all went off to bed.

Off for another exciting round of Novice Events. Talk to you all later.


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