Notes From 2004 Nationals - Atlanta, Georgia
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Saturday, January 3


Flight delayed a bit and seats really squishy, but we are here. There were 8 of us on the shuttle form the airport - Burt Lancon and his wife, Janey Mayne, her mom, Mike Modro, Bert Cording, my husband and I. I have never seen so much luggage in my life.We (including Janey's sister, but minus Mr. Cording) ate at Durangos - Ok food, awful service. And they let people smoke indoors here. Ick. Blech. Hotel is nice - nothing too special. No fridges left ALREADY. There are three seperate bus lines- two to Philips and one out to Gwinnet and The Ice Forum - There is also one other bus that runs from Gwinnet to Philips, but it only operates this weekend. The info sheet says to allow 1 1/2 hours to get to Gwinnet. Yikes. .Merchandise is the typical assortment. Progam the usual - has birth dates and coach/chor. and music though - the whole enchilada. No shuttle to the official hotel from the airport. Taxi is $25.00. The shuttle bus was $10.00 per person. Tomorrow I will brave the bus out to Gwinnet to see some Novice Stuff. Maybe some dance, but mostly Pair, Mens and Ladies. Let you all know what I see when I get back to the room.

Arriving tomorrow will be Chris Toland and his mom, Ken Congemi & Russ Witherby. Tiffany Stiegler should be here already with her mother. Mauro, Tim, Danielle and Frank later - by late Monday the whole Elite Freestyle will have relocated to Atlanta. By Wednesday the final family members will have joined us. In addition to the skaters and familes, we have several rink regulars who have come out to cheer - Myself (of course), and Jamie White (Novice Man) are already here - Gina DeNatale (The young lady who was carried by Mauro and Chris on a surfboard in our Holiday Show) will arrive later in the week with her parents and many others are here in spirit. When you watch these kids and coaches all year long you HAVE to see how it all comes out for them.

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