Photos From 2003 Nationals - Dallas, Texas
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The men were all doing (or trying) a triple-double combo, a double axel and a double lutz. This was a great competition. Almost all of the boys were really skating TO their music. There were a lot of really nice fast footwork runs. Some real high quality programs.Very entertaining.

Hmm. Well.. Long programs sure are long. Some are longer than others.

David Weintraub

The Bongo Song (Yagudin's music for the Car program this year). 3 toe-2 toe was combo. Skating was good - aggressive and nice program...

1812 overture. Shaky start but ended strong. 3 flip-2 toe. fell on 3 lutz attempt. 2 axel-2 toe. 3 loop-2 toe (step out) sal. 3 toe. flip.

Tommy Steenberg

3 lutz - 2 toe combo. 3 lutz. Novice men. I need a drink. Skated to Lawrence of Arabia.

Addams Family Values. 2 axel. 3 lutz. stepped out of 3 flip. 2 loop. hand down on 3 toe. weak footwork. stepped out of axel combo. 3 toe-2 toe. End spin was off.

Colin Pennington

Lovely program to some soft piece of music. Very smooth and elegant. great extension. 3 flip-2 toe 2 axel 2 lutz.

No question he won this. 2 axel. 3 lutz. 3 flip. popped loop. 3 loop. a double. 2 axel. sal - toe combo. flip toe combo. Music was Finlandia. Good use of music and he has very nice hands and arms.

Daniel Raad

Fell on crossovers before footwork. 2\axel landed very leaning. 3 toe - 2 toe axel. 2 lutz. West Side Story.

The Entertainer. Nicely choreographer program, Hand down on 3 lutz. 3 sal-2 toe (stepped out). Sit spin didn't. 3 toe-2 toe. 2 x. A jump sequence I missed. 2 footed 3 loop attempt short of rotation. 2 axel. 2sal. popped a toe. spin combo - camel into not a sit.

R.J. Westfall

I loved this kids program, but he stepped out of his 2 axel. awesome footwork. Skated to Chaplin - Another of the Mero's kids. Combo was 3 sal-2 toe. May have also singled his lutz.

Another great program to Casablanca. 2 axel. 3 toe - step out - 2 toe. 3 sal. 2 flip. fell on 3 loop. fell on 2 lutz. 2 axel.

John Coughlin

Sort of a cross between Laurent Tobel and Shepherd Clark. (There's a sentence I never imagined writing). Skated to "Oh Yeah" by Yello. some sort of 3-2 combo. 2 axel and 2 lutz. Certainly has a lot of personality.

Skated to Trans-Siberian Orchestra's chrostmas song. 2 axel. 3 toe. weak camel position. 3 toe-2 toe. fell on sal. his flying sit never really did either. 2 lutz-2 toe. 2 axel. back 3s into a loop (fall) 2 lutz (fall) 2 flip?

Jon Nuss

Fiddler on the Roof Medly. 3 toe-2toe. 2 axel. 2 lutz with both hands over his head. Bobbled on a tango stop at the start of the footwork.

Russin Music (that is what the program said). 3 toe-2 toe. I missed a jump. 2 axel-2 toe. 2 flip. awful fall on 2 axel. and again on the 3 toe. nice spread eagles and Ina Bauers.

Charlie White

Camel was slow. Footwork was fast and aggressive. 3 loop-2 toe (turned out of landing). 2 axel. 2 lutz. Crouching Tiger.

Love this kids footwork. 2 axel-2 toe. 3 sal ---toe with a messy ending. fell on flip. and loop. 2 lutz - 2 loop with a messy ending. 3 sal. 2 lutz. 2 toe. Music was Ride with the devil. All of his falls in warm up and his program were ones where he went back up off his heel.

James Hanley

Very nice program to "Pipeline" (surf music). Combo was 3 toe-2 toe 2 axel and 2 lutz were fine Great speed and centering on the spins.

The first clean program of the evening. And very well presented too. JC Superstar. 2 axel-2toe. 3 toe-2toe., 3 loop-2 toe. 3 sal. 2 toe. 2 flip. great spins. good use of music and arms.

Michael Novales

The Iron Monkey Soundtrack. Ok... 3 sal-2 toe was the combo - but he landed both very "opened up". sit spin travelled. Good Footwork. 2 axel and 2 lutz.

Dragonheart. stepped out of 3 sal to keep from a fall. popped the lutz. fell on 3 toe. 2 axel. 3 sal-2 toe. 2 axel-2toe. 2 flip.

Geoffry Varner

Crouching Tiger again. Real slow back camel. 3 toe-2 toe. 2 lutz. 2 axel. Aggressive footwork.

Vaness Mae - Leyenda. 2 axel. 3 toe. 3 flip. 2?? toe. 2 sal. 2 axel (step out) 2 toe. stepp out of loop. 2 lutz-2 toe.

Mark Bernardo

First Knight. I think he doubled his flip on the flip-toe combo..but I was a little zoned out here. did 2 lutz and 2 axel.

Silverado. 2 loop. stepped out of 2 lutz. 2 axel - 2 toe. Flying camel sort of stepped over. fell on 3 sal(sloooww entrance). 2 flip-step-2 toe. 2 axel. 2 lutz-2 toe (stepped out) hand down on 2 flip.


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