Photos From 2003 Nationals - Dallas, Texas
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The ladies were all doing double axels and double lutzes. They were mostly trying the 3 sal-2 toe combo. A little rougher short program than the men...but some lovely moments.

I am too tired to form an overall impression of the free skates. It was not tidy.

Kimberly Meissner

Ramonda Glazanov. 3 sal-2 toe. 2 axel. 2 lutz. Awesome skate. closed out the night on a high note. Fast and spirited.

Prokofiev. 2 lutz-2 toe. 3 toe. 3 sal. 2 axel. ?flip? toe? Popped sal. 2 axel-2toe-2 loop. Great use of hands and arms. Very pretty back. NOTE: I am informed by an e-mail correction that this was actually a TRIPLE lutz-2 toe combo. So sorry to have not caught that. Amazing job.

Brianna Perry

Simon Dru was the music - a soft piano piece. Lovely skater - quiet and light. 3 toe-2 toe. 2 axel. 2 lutz.

Man in the Iron Mask. 2 axel. 3 toe (hand down). 3 sal-2toe. 2 flip. 2 loop (wrapped). fell on loop. fell on toe.

Jessica Houston

Music by Bond. Very fast - aggressive eye contact. 3 toe-2 toe. 2 axel. 2 lutz

2 axel. 3 toe-2 toe. 2 lutz-2 loop. 3 sal? 2 axel. fell on 3 toe. Music was Iron Monkey.

Felicia Gostisbehere

Prelude Pour Piano. Travelled in her spin - took 2 revolutions to "set" her camel. Fell on 3 loop (was way outside the circle at the start). nice 2 axel. 2 lutz.

2 sal-2 toe. 3? loop. 2 axel and some spinning about into a 2 toe. fell on 3 toe. 3 sal. 2 axel. 2 flip. 2 lutz-2 loop (cheated). zippy little skater.

Natalie Malone

Gypsy Passion Trilogy. Popped axel. Hung on to 2 sal-2 toe. 2 lutz. Back camel was slow.

Looked like a different skater this evening. I do not have a detailed list of jumps as I was occupied during her skate. Skated to Legends of the fall and land several jumps including her 2 axel and at least one triple.

Katy Taylor

Cappricio Espagnol. Lovely skater and a very nice program. 2 axel. 3 sal-2 toe and 2 lutz. All complete.

This kid looks eerily like Tara Lipinski. 2 axel-2toe-2loop. 2 lutz-2 toe. 3 sal-2 toe. 3 loop. 2 qaxel 2 flip. Forrest Gump Suite.

Katrina Karpowitsch

Great style and positions. Flamenco Agogo. Fell on 3 sal. Wrap on 2 lutz. 2 axel.

Jumps clockwise. Rhondo Capriccioso. 2 axel-2 toe. 2.75 sal-2 toe. 2 loop (fall) 2 axel. 2 lutz. 2 flip.

Lauren Hennessy

Claire De Lune. Lovely circular spiral sequence. 2 axel. 3 sal-2 toe. 2 lutz with hands up. Pretty skater with elegant arms.

West Side Story. never left the ice on her axel attempt. 2 lutz with hands over head. 3 sal. 3 loop. not quite a 2 axel-2 toe. fell on 3 sal. 2 flip. 2 lutz-2 loop.

Jessica Leatham

The Giving by Michael W. Smith. 2 axel. 3 toe-2 toe. 2 lutz. Combo spin was rough.

Skated to Phantom. 2 flip-2toe. 2 axel-2 toe. 3 sal. 3? toe (hand down). 2 axel (hand almost down). 2 lutz 2 loop. Seemed to be skating very cautiously.

Tosha Hanford

Nut, Rocker and All. Fell on the 2 axel. 3 loop-2toe (stepped out) 2 lutz.

Fell on loop. 2 sal. popped flip. 2 loop. popped lutz. 2 flip. music was 4 Seasons and "You must Love me".

Kimmi Jeffers

Alternate for another skater. Skated to a Ragtime piece. hung on to her 2 axel. 3 sal-2 toe. 2 lutz with a leaning landing.

Skated to a dramatic piano and violin piece. fell on 2 axel. and 3 sal. and another 2 axel. and a 3 sal. Landed a 2 flip and a 2 loop a single lutz.

Stephanie Dal Porto

Winter (Vivaldi). Caught foot on boards at start of her footwork. 1.75 axel. 2.75 sal-1.75 toe axel.

2 flip-2 toe. 2 axel-2 toe. 3sal-2 toe. 2 axel. fell on 3 loop. 2 axel. 2 lutz. 3 sal-2toe. 2 lutz-2 loop. Swan Lake. Beautiful program.

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