Photography by Ann Jensen

Photos From Stars On Ice 2001 - Los Angeles, CA
Copyright 2001 Ann Jensen - all rights reserved

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Roca & Sur I enjoyed this team so much. I wish they had a second number.

Meno & Sand Lovely as always

Kristi Yamaguchi Love that she has kept her jumps. Music choices left me cold this year. The number she did "for Scott" was best.

Yuka Sato I have seen her skate live. I can die happy now. What a wonder she is. WHY doesn't SHE have a second number????

Scott Hamilton OK. Too over the top for me for a while now. Ambassador of skating and all...just too cheesy for me.

Ilia Kulik Amazing talent. Unusual material & style.

Tara Lipinski Pays the bills.

Kurt Browning Wow. Who knew this guy was this buff? I request more muscle shirts.

Steven Cousins Why doesn't he do that nice Belfast number in the show??? Or Danny Boy?

Everything Else Includes group numbers and odd pairings (Ilia & Tara, Denis & everyone)


This is Scott Hamilton with a young local skater.

The young boy skates a bit as a young Scott Hamilton

while Scott looks back on his skating career.

The kid's name is not listed anywhere....


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